Battlefield Bad Company Walkthrough

Guide written by Mike Flacy

  1. CUTSCENE: A Helicopter brings in the main character Preston Marlow. He's being sent to join B Company otherwise known as Bad Company. It houses the rejects of the army. Private Marlow reports to a Sergeant Redford and gets introduced to Sweetwater and Haggard, two fellow soldiers in B Company. They all board a convoy into a war zone.
  2. Watch the opening sequence at Marlow and Crew are driven into the battle. The convoy gets ambushed and Marlow is thrown into a drainage ditch.
  3. Follow the on screen prompts to learn the controls and rejoin Sweetwater on the dirt road. Sweetwater will have you inject yourself with a health stick by cycling the inventory with LB and using the stick with RT.
  4. Shoot the barrels by toggling the weapons with RB and firing with RT. Hit the same button sequence again to blow a hole in the house.
  5. Head into the house to grab a power tool and press B to pick it up. Head to the jeep and click RT to activate it.

Stop the Artillery Shelling

  1. CUTSCENE: Bad Company gets a go ahead from headquarters to take out the nearby artillery base.
  2. Hop in the car by clicking B, use LT to accelerate and LB to brake. Follow the road until the Humvee hits the blockade. Hop out and head into the shack on the right to pick off an enemy from the far window.
  3. When traveling down the hill, use crouch and stay along the rock wall for cover. There are three men in this area, one patrolling outside and another two inside each house. TIP: Fire on all the explosive items to take out the enemy quickly.
  4. COLLECTABLE: Pick up the S20K from the dead soldier in the house and the AEK971 from the dead guy in the yard to unlock the first 2 collectable guns. (1/5), (2/5)
  5. Move past the two houses and walk up the hill. Two soldiers will charge your location, so be ready to use the sandbags as cover. The third solider will be hiding by the artillery piece.
  6. The second artillery location will contain another three enemies. Hit explosive items in the path first, and then aim at the red boxes peaking out from behind the sandbags. The explosion will trigger the men to head B Company's way. Mow them down and move to the next artillery unit.
  7. One man will be standing near an explosive barrel. Target the barrel quickly to kill him. The other two men will briefly run away behind some sandbags, but run back out into B Company's fire.
  8. Two more men will be hiding behind sandbags at the artillery unit. Approach carefully and try for headshots. Remember to use the health unit when needed.

Protect the Convoy

  1. CUTSCENE: Headquarters will warn of a convoy that need protection from B Company's position. Haggard suggests that you should man the artillery gun.
  2. Hop into the artillery gun marked by the red triangle and press B to grab it. The screen will switch to an overhead view of the battle. Aim at the first two enemy APCs that surround the house. TIP: Be careful to avoid hitting the nearby friendly soldiers.
  3. Three more APCs will approach from the north road. You have time for one attempt at hitting the moving targets, but put some distance between the shots and their position to hit successfully. Otherwise, wait until they come to a stop to fire. Four more APCs will approach from the north road. Repeat the process.

Objective Ram

  1. Head to the river crossing by following the trail and head back out to the main road. An enemy APC will approach. Try to use the Humvee as a cover object and fire on the two soldiers that emerge from the troop carrier.
  2. Hop in the Humvee or APC and drive to the now battered town. Head through the rubble and follow the road to the red triangle on the radar. After the sharp curve, Marlow will be given a directive to search the upcoming house on the left.
  3. COLLECTABLE: Head inside the house to pick up the XM8 machine gun. (3/5)
  4. Hop back into the vehicle and continue along the road. An enemy helicopter will be leaving and Sweet will start firing on the grouping of enemies below in the camp. Take the vehicle to the gate and drive around as your gunner makes short work of the camp.
  5. The X marked on the radar signifies a power tool. Feel free to fix up the ride and drive to the center of the camp to fire on the soldiers at the elevated position ahead.
  6. Eventually, Sarge will yell at Marlow to man the machine gun. It's in a small enclosure on a row of sandbags. Fire on the APC that rolls down the hill and also at the nearby truck of explosives to destroy it. Fix up the vehicle again and head for the smoke.

Objective Mustang

  1. CUTSCENE: Headquarters calls in a scouting mission to clear the area of hostiles for the convoy.
  2. Check the radar and look for the next X marker. When the road branches, follow the grassy portion to the old house. You will come across an enemy APC and four men guarding the area.
  3. TIP: Escape your vehicle quickly once it falls below 20% health to avoid death by explosion.
  4. COLLECTABLE: After clearing out the heavy forces, head inside to pick up the 870 MCS. It's a high damage shotgun with a low rate of fire. (4/5)
  5. Check the radar and follow the main road that leads behind the town. Use the nearby truck if your APC exploded. Take the turn around the water tower and leave the truck to approach the farm from the position of the southeast X marker.
  6. Once the first shot is fired, enemies will swarm. Take out the enemies hiding in buildings with the grenade launcher. Watch for enemies firing from elevated positions as well as machine guns.
  7. Make your way around to the right and attempt to reach the second white X in the white stable with the machine gun. Shoot the one solider inside the stable and climb the ladder to man the machine gun. This makes short work of the remaining eight enemies. Just make sure to watch your health meter.
  8. CUTSCENE: Just when the fight ends, a light tank comes rolling out of a nearby barn to take B Company by surprise.
  9. The trick in this scenario is to stay out of the tank's firing path and head for the rocket launcher. Use the elevated position from the stable to fire on the tank with the machine gun and grenades. The tank will drive around the house trying to get a bead on B Company, so take off for the launcher.
  10. Use the rocket launcher to make short work of the tank and head to the smoke.

Objective Impala

  1. CUTSCENE: Air support is inbound, but the helicopter takes fire and explodes into the nearby barn.
  2. Hop in the nearby APC and drive to the new location. The APC will be fired upon at the tree line. Drive up and down the tree line in the nearby field to allow Haggard to take out several soldiers with the mounted gun.
  3. Once outside the vehicle, head for the nearby double X markers to pick up some C4. The C4 is for the three anti-air guns marked by orange triangles on the map.
  4. The best route is approaching from the rear of the formation, the far right triangle. Stationary machine guns are positioned toward the road rather than at B Company.
  5. Be sure to use the stationary gun before blowing it up. It's great for demolishing the tree line as well as nearby turrets. Mop up the rest with the APC mounted gun. After all three anti-aircraft guns are blown up, head for the smoke.

Objective Bronco

  1. CUTSCENE: The convoy rolls through and Headquarters orders B Company to investigate a farm to the east.
  2. Hop in an APC and look at the map. Instead of heading to the route marker, look to the south. See the X marker in the set of building next to the river? Drive to that marker; there won't be any resistance along the way.
  3. COLLECTABLE: Head into the house to pick up the SCAR machine gun. (5/5)
  4. Hop back in the APC and drive along the east road to the occupied farm. Approach from the south and use the mounted machine gun as long as possible. There will be light resistance in the area, about 4 to 5 enemies. Be careful of the mounted machine gun fire from the northern barn.
  5. The real fight begins after first wave of enemies is cleared from the area. Headquarters will call and inform B Company of a pack of enemies approaching from the east.
  6. Hop onto the mounted gun in the T section of the street. A small scout vehicle and troop supply truck will approach from the east. Take both out quickly with the mounted gun, but hop out when you see the light tank appear on the radar.
  7. Head for the house on the left side of the south road. It's marked with an X and contains a rocket launcher upstairs. Swap it out and wait for the light tank to approach. Use the interior of the house as cover and destroy the tank with the rocket launcher.
  8. TIP: Remember that you can blow holes in any nearby walls to create better shot angles.
  9. Hop back onto the mounted gun to kill the five enemies that took cover to the wreckage in the southern part of the farm. After they are dispatched, regroup at the smoke.
  10. CUTSCENE: The convoy finally rolls through and B Company celebrates.
  11. Hop in the nearby APC and follow the convoy to the next marker. Keep your distance, as an artillery barrage will hit the convoy. Regroup at the smoke near the river.

Objective Taurus

  1. CUTSCENE: B company calls Headquarters and they promised to send air support. But first, B Company has to destroy the nearby radar jammers.
  2. Hop back into the APC and man the mounted machine gun to kill the two enemies that appear across the river. Make your way through the upcoming trenches on foot, preferably to the right. Three mounted machine guns will fire on your position from towers ahead.
  3. Stay low and circle around to the right to avoid their fire. Attempt to approach the stationary guns from the rear and use the tree line for cover. Also try to health frequently.
  4. Climb one of the towers to take out the enemy from an elevated position. Don't worry about the enemy in the red zone to the east for now.
  5. The two white X's mark C4. Grab some and head to the radar units to plant explosives. Restock on some nearby ammo and regroup at the smoke.
  6. CUTSCENE: Headquarters calls in the air strike. They bomb the section to the east.
  7. Hop on the machine gun directly in front of Marlow first firing immediately on the troop positions on the radar. Try to heal frequently as this mounted gun is very exposed. There will be about 12 enemies to kill from the machine gun.
  8. Approach the triangle marker from the south and out of line of sight from the mounted machine gun. Shoot the machine gunner as he rotates the gun slowly to your position.
  9. CUTSCENE: Sarge calls Headquarters and informs them of their status. Sweetwater finds a dead soldier that isn't Russian, instead a mercenary from a group called the Legionaries. The Legionaries are a deadly group and all the troops get paid in gold bars. At the mention of gold, the men of B Company are definitely interested.

Acta non Verba

Proceed toward the Riverbank

  1. CUTSCENE: B company held onto the gold to split it four ways. B Company is on a chopper and heading behind enemy lines. After being dropped off, B Company spots a Legionaries symbol on a nearby house.
  2. GOLD: Blow open the house and check the silver box on the nearby concrete blocks. It's your first gold find! (1/5)
  3. Pick up the C4 if you really want it and head follow the road to the right. Take out the first two enemies in the middle of a conversation before they notice B Company. The upcoming house will explode in a fury of gunfire, so take position behind the small shack on the right.
  4. Pick off as many enemies as possible before making a run on the house. Be wary of the mounted machine gun in the house across the road. Use a grenade to blow him up quickly.
  5. GOLD: Head into the house with the mounted machine gun to find gold on the 2nd floor. (2/5)
  6. Take out the enemies to the east from the 2nd floor of the house and regroup at the marker. TIP: There's a SCAR at the north X if you want it.

Operation Backfield

  1. CUTSCENE: Headquarters will give authorization to cut off the Russian supply lines.
  2. Hop in one of the nearby boats and head to the next white X route marker. Your teammates should make short work of the enemy resistance on the water and land. Once the enemies are destroyed, head up on land to check out the area.
  3. GOLD: Look in a blackened pit to find the next gold bar. It's between two wooden sections of bridge and some stone rubble. (3/5)
  4. There is an 870 shotgun at the X. Hop back in the boat and head northeast along the river. Approach the left row of triangles first. Hang back on the riverbank to assault the coastline with shots from the bow of the boat.
  5. When approaching, climb the set of stairs and kill two men on the second floor and two men on the roof. The roof will provide an excellent vantage point for firing on the remaining soldiers to the northeast.
  6. Once all soldiers are dead, head down to ground level to blow up the missile launchers. You should still have the C4 from the start of the level (press LB to cycle it up). If not, there is C4 at a nearby X marker.
  7. Hop back into the boat and proceed to the opposite side. Keep your distance from the stationary machine gun and pop shots from the boat.
  8. Climb into the nearby APC on the riverbank and drive up the hill to the right. Use the mounted gun on the APC to clear out the light resistance on both sides of the street.
  9. Leave the APC and switch to grenades to clear out the green houses. Climb the staircase on the right to enter the fuel storage facility. There are two men on the second floor, but the roof is clear. There are three other men to the far east firing from green houses.
  10. Once the enemies are dead, fire on the fuel tanks. You can also use the nearby C4, but bullets are quicker. Head to the smoke to regroup.

Objective Offside

  1. CUTSCENE: Headquarters informs B Company of a Russian assault force headed to a nearby bridge.
  2. Pick up the nearby Russian guidance system on the floor to the right. Go to a nearby window and target the convoy on the bridge. Hold RT to blow them up with their own artillery. It may have to be done twice to destroy all the troops.
  3. Walk back across the river and grab the APC to the left of the bridge. Follow the dirt road back around to the main section of highway. Follow the highway to approach the upcoming town from the south. Be ready for an enemy APC to drive up parallel to your position.
  4. After blowing up the APC, shoot the two troops as well and proceed into the ruins. There will be three more men hiding this section. TIP: Use the closest stone window as cover for both men.
  5. Regroup at the smoke. CUTSCENE: HQ will require B Company to take out the defensive stationary guns around the upcoming town.
  6. Switch to the guidance system and point it at the second house beyond the nearest one with the red slatted roof. This will take out the first machine gun position. Feel free to bomb other houses in the area to guess enemy soldier placement.
  7. The second stationary gun is at the bend in the road. Use the burning tank in the road as cover and blow it up with the guidance system. Approach the bend in the road on the left and use the houses as cover to clear out enemy resistance.
  8. Eventually an enemy tank will roll up to sit in the middle of the road. It will be need to be hit twice with the guidance system. Try to peek around the corners of houses to line up the shot.
  9. Use the same strategy for the gun emplacement behind the tank and the machine gunner to the right. The machine gunner is in a yellow house to the right of the blinking stoplight.
  10. GOLD: Head into the nearby building marked with a white X to find the next gold bar on the second floor near a ladder. There is also a rocket launcher in the house. (4/5)
  11. There's another guidance system at the X marker on the right if needed. Otherwise, pulverize the final defensive position and regroup at the smoke.

Protect the Tanks

  1. CUTSCENE: A convoy of tanks roll through the town. HQ orders B Company to join the offensive on the next town.
  2. NOTE: You can pick up the repair tool for this section to repair broken tanks along the way, but keeping the guidance system is advised for the following section.
  3. Either hop in a tank or walk alongside the convoy as they pas through a town. At the first house on the right, three men will fire RPG's and machine gun fire on the tanks. Swarm the house to kill all men up close.
  4. COLLECTABLE: Go inside that little house to pick up the M249, a stationary light machine gun. (1/1)
  5. Use the newly found machine gun to rip apart the four men on the ridge to the northeast. Try to hit the RPG guy first. After they are disposed of, the tanks will continue.
  6. Try to hop back in one of the tanks for protection. The remainder of the path should be simple enough to fire on enemies from the tank. RPG soldiers will pop out on the right when turning the second bend and also when entering the town.
  7. GOLD: At the end of the tank escort portion, head to the southwest corner of the graveyard to find a gold bar between some old wooden shacks. (5/5)
  8. Regroup at the smoke.

Assault East Zabograd

  1. CUTSCENE: HQ pulls B Company from the main battle and assigns them to disabling a communication station before the enemy can call in reinforcements.
  2. The radio is on the opposite side of the town to the west. Pull out the guidance system and blow up the yellow house to the left just through the broken section of wall. This will take out a stationary machine gunner.
  3. As you pass through the wall opening on the left, be ready for two enemies to pop out along the wall on the right. Use the guidance system to blow up the hotel on the street ahead to preemptively take out three soldiers.
  4. Also use the guidance system on the house at the direct end of the street to knock out another stationary machine gunner.
  5. Keep to the right side of the town as you approach the radio and use the row of houses for cover. The house with the radio inside has an antenna with a red blinking light on the top. Destroy it and regroup at the smoke. TIP: Be careful of errant enemy forces still in the area.
  6. CUTSCENE: HQ informs B Company that the enemies got a message out for reinforcements. B Company has to head to the center of the town to protect a busted U.S. tank.
  7. Head to the building directly behind the tank and take control of the mounted machine gun on the second floor. The first wave of six enemies will approach from the right. The second wave will approach from straight ahead with an APC. Worry about the RPG guy on the 2nd floor of the house to the right, then the APC.
  8. The third wave will come from the right again and another RPG solider will appear in the same area as the last. There will be a brief reprieve after they are destroyed, so heal up.
  9. The final wave will bring about 10 soldiers from all sides and a tank & scout vehicle from the north. Worry about the light tank first and use the guidance system to blow it up, followed by the scout vehicle.
  10. A heavy tank rolls up, so trade the guidance system for the nearby rocket launcher. Spam the heavy tank with rocket after rocket until it blows up. Once the tank is destroyed, regroup at the smoke.

Secure Harbor

  1. CUTSCENE: HQ informs B Company that they should head to the harbor and take out a large weapon.
  2. Hop in the nearby Humvee and drive north until you hit a blockade. Climb the hill to the right for a better view.
  3. CUTSCENE: B Company will see the enemy fleeing, but the mercenaries staying behind. The fellows will start arguing about heading down to the docks, but eventually agree to head down.
  4. There is a SCAR in the nearby shack marked with an X if you need it. Otherwise, head down the hill. Feel free to pick off anyone with the rocket launcher or guidance system from above first.
  5. Take a position on the hill and fire from the rocks. The Mercs are much more deadly with their aim, so keep an eye on the health meter. Fire explosives at the green houses below to drive them out into the open.
  6. Stay on the hill until all Mercs are dead and head to the trucks.
  7. CUTSCENE: The trucks will drive off and B Company will be looting bodies. As the truck drives away, a gold bar falls off the load.

Crossing Over

Saving Private Haggard

  1. CUTSCENE: B Company is seen driving after the trucks filled with gold and eventually looking over a neutral zone watching the trucks. Haggard tears after the trucks and the men have to stop him.
  2. Two men are already firing on B Company's position, so immediately crouch and fire from the rocky cover. The first is at the gate and the second is in the tower to the right.
  3. From the same position, look for a multicolored house with a broken roof to the east. Inside is a manned turret that fires explosive rounds. Get a bead on it and take it out quickly. The rest of the tow will come to life at this point. Stay in cover and pick them off one by one.
  4. Once the town is quiet again, head for the front gate. Be prepared to face off against manned stationary machine guns about 30 yards down the road.
  5. COLLECTABLE: Walk into the guard tower on the right to pick up the AN94 Russian machine gun. It's marked by a white X. (1/6)
  6. Also be wary of men approaching from the right field. As soon as the men approach the first machine gunner, a light tank will approach and park in the road ahead. There is a RPG in the building by the machine gunner position on the right.
  7. Run from the right to reach the door with the RPG. Be sure to shoot the soldier standing the same room first. Grab the RPG and head back outside before the tank blows apart the building. Use the angles of the surrounding cover to pop off a few rockets into the tank.
  8. COLLECTABLE: The white X to the south has the Spas12 Shotgun. It's inside a house on the first floor. (2/6)
  9. Clear out any stragglers in the surrounding houses and head across the bridge. Spot the stationary machine gun on the right and take it out first. Crouch along the left bridge side for cover and pop the men in the house on the left and the bunker to the east.
  10. After the area is clear, grab some ammo on the left and move to the smoke.

Cover Your Tracks

  1. CUTSCENE: Haggard has invaded a neutral company at this point while chasing after the gold. Sarge threatens Haggard, but gets interrupted by HQ and threatened with a year of military prison. Sarge decides to screw the military and go after the gold.
  2. B Company has to destroy an antenna for cover their tracks. But first, let's move to the white X up the road to the right. Follow the path until you hit a road crossing.
  3. COLLECTABLE: There is a XM8C rifle sitting next to a stack of wood. (3/6)
  4. As soon as you pick up the rifle, snipers fire on your position from the left. Pull out the rocket launcher and blow apart the surrounding forest until they are dead.
  5. GOLD: After the sniper battle, look to the right to see a silver chest with a gold bar. It's next to some explosive barrels. (1/5)
  6. Slowly climb the hill and head for the position where the first sniper died. There is excellent coverage there behind rocks. Infantry will pop out from the position above and a second sniper will fire from the road to the east.
  7. COLLECTABLE: Search the area you shot the first sniper to find the SV98, a sniper rifle. (4/6)
  8. TIP: Keeping the sniper rifle makes this portion easy. There is also an ammo box nearby to load up on sniper bullets.
  9. Approach the hill from the left side and two more snipers will be firing on your position. The first is near a brown fence and hiding behind a tree. The second is in the tree line to the northwest.
  10. Head to the antenna and a fifth sniper will be taking potshots from a window in the green building to the north.
  11. Blow up the antenna with either the rocket launcher or the nearby C4 in the green house. Now head up the road and note the two-man patrol up the road and their two buddies in the tree line on the right. Grab some nearby cover on the rock to the right and kill all 4.
  12. When reaching the bend in the road, two infantry will charge your position and two snipers will fire from tree lines to the north on both sides of the road. After killing them, use the sniper on the right as a beacon to your next position.
  13. Slowly creep up to the tree line and spot the machine gunner in the tower ahead. Take him out first then shoot the patrolling guard on the main road. This will trigger two men to assault your position, but can be easily flanked from the right.
  14. Once the little camp is mostly silent, turn your attention to the hill with the antenna. Take out the solider in the sandbag encampment first then wait for the enemy to reveal their positions. Then enter the camp.
  15. COLLECTABLE: The white X on the right in the camp has a SVU sniper rifle. It's at the top of the ladder in the tower. (5/6)
  16. TIP: This sniper rifle doesn't have the same power as the previous one, but it can be fired without reloading each time and has more ammo.
  17. Destroy the second radio antenna and hop in the ATV. Drive to the next camp slightly northwest of this position. An enemy chopper will start to attack, so quickly get into the barn up ahead.
  18. Pull out the rocket launcher to deal with the chopper. One shot should do it. If you don't have one, climb the ladder of the barn, kill the sniper and grab the RPG.
  19. GOLD: There is a bar of gold in the basement of the barn, the area where you originally pulled in. (2/5)
  20. Kill the infantry hiding in the house to the west and hop into a 2nd working APC upstairs. If you are interested in gold and collectables, follow the next steps. Otherwise, you can skip to the final antenna.
  21. Drive directly to the white X to the south. It will be completely unguarded.
  22. COLLECTABLE: Pick up the MG36 light machine gun on the floor of the house. (6/6)
  23. GOLD: Pick up a gold bar in the adjoining room. (3/5)
  24. Hop back in the APC and head west to the final antenna. The smartest route is to take the southern approach and drive up the rear road to the motor pool. Stop briefly to take out any infantry, but head specifically to the nearby empty tank. Trade the APC for the tank and blow the heck out of the remaining infantry in the town. Regroup at the smoke.

Chase the Gold

  1. CUTSCENE: B Company is watching the trucks leave again. Sarge thinks they are heading to the harbor.
  2. Take the tank and head to the harbor. Along the way, B Company will face infantry, APC / Scout vehicles and tanks. Just keep the pedal to the metal and cover the countryside as quick as possible.
  3. Also try to avoid the RPG soldiers. They hide in the tree lines and the houses along the way. Stay off the main roads and stick to the rolling hills.
  4. Avoid any of the fields with the stone markers. If you have to spend time turning around because of smashing into a stone marker, the tank is toast.

Scout the Harbor

  1. CUTSCENE: B Company scouts the harbor and is certain that the gold is inside.
  2. Climb the big rock to the left and pick off the merc standing on the walkway with his back to you. A second merc will start firing from the left and another from the ground further left.
  3. Enter the grounds and pick off the merc standing on the gray circular tank with the red stripe. Two more mercs will fire on B Company from the right. Climb the stairs cross the walkway carefully. An APC will approach from the right road.
  4. Use the metal slats on the walkway to protect from the APC fire. Use an explosive, like the rocket launcher, to take it out. Otherwise, you have to shoot the gunner in the head.
  5. Stay hidden, as a merc on a mounted machine gun will be firing from a tower to the right. Use the sniper rifle to make short work of him.
  6. GOLD: See the blue crate next to the dead APC just over the water? Climb the stairs behind the crates and leap over to the blue crate to find a gold bar. (4/5)
  7. Climb back up those stairs and head into the warehouse area. Two merc will be inside the warehouse and two more will come from the right when shots are heard. From inside the warehouse, pop the machine gunner in the tower to the right in the head.
  8. An armed APC sits under the machine gunners position. Use and explosive to take it out and mop up the rest of the mercs on foot. There are plenty of cover positions in this area.
  9. Before heading up the stairs in the middle of the yard, grab some ammo and a sniper will start shooting from the far top of the upcoming warehouse. Shoot him before continuing.
  10. Head over the middle walkway and into the warehouse. There will be four mercs near the triangle checkpoint. Swarm their position and regroup at the smoke.

Locate the Gold

CUTSCENE: B Company spots the gold being loaded onto a large ship.
  1. Shoot the gunner in the APC below. You should be able to get a great shot from the concrete blocks to the right.
  2. Head down the stairs and pop shots at the swarming enemies below. They should be easy to hit from the elevated position.
  3. Once at the bottom, hold off on the main assault for a moment and head south along the big wall until you hit a green house.
  4. GOLD: Inside the house, a gold bar will be sitting just right of the door. (5/5)
  5. While traveling back, stick close to the water and pop the merc standing at the back of the boat. Eventually, the mercs on the main harbor will start shooting. Use the row of concrete dividers as cover and pop off headshots from a distance.
  6. Take a peek out at the main road to see two mercs standing at attention. Pop them both then move to the top of the nearby building to attract a sniper in the distance. The sniper will be in between some gray and red pipes. Also shoot a machine gunner in the road ahead from the same roof.
  7. Approach the green house on the left to take out two mercs and attract another sniper. This sniper is on the crane.
  8. Once the area seems clear, head for the triangle marker.
  9. CUTSCENE: B Company is ambushed by U.S. forces, a Humvee and a couple choppers.

Par for the Course

Reach the Vista Point

  1. CUTSCENE: B Company was offered a deal, infiltration into a neutral country and attempt to capture a high profile target. If they get captured, the Army will claim no knowledge of their events.
  2. Head to the route marker.
  3. CUTSCENE: B Company watches their chopper get blown out of the sky. HQ orders B Company to take out the missile launchers to get air support.
  4. Head down the mountain and into the APC off to the right. Head to the southern most X markers, but be ready for an ambush at the two houses. The APC will get hit by an RPG, so take cover at the nearby rock to the right.
  5. Concentrate on the APC first, then take out the soldiers in the house on the right. Move into that house and shoot the men in the house on the left. #TIP: Use the explosive barrels next to the house walls for quicker deaths.
  6. COLLECTABLE: The house on the left contains the VSS sniper rifle. Low damage, but fires quickly. (1/8)
  7. Hop in the nearby undamaged APC and take the route to the right that leads under the main bridge. You can run over two soldiers in the road for fun or stop to shoot them.
  8. This is also a good place to fire on the machine gun nest at the end of the bridge. Snipe the gunner or fire from the APC. Move across the riverbed and head up into the town.
  9. There are two RPG soldiers in town, so be careful where you park. Take out the machine gun towers first, and then systematically kill the men in the green houses.
  10. COLLECTABLE: In the first green house on the right, pick up the NS2000 South African pump shotgun. (2/8)
  11. Once the town is cleared of pesky soldiers, grab some C4 in the lower level of the building with the missile launcher and head up top to blow it up. Instead of hopping back in the APC, trade up to the light tank in the nearby warehouse.
  12. Take the east road to the next missile launcher. Careful of the two soldiers ahead as the guy on the right has a RPG. There's another light tank ahead if you need to swap it out.
  13. Proceed to the town on the right and fire on the area from the road. Once the area is cleared of soldiers, use the machine gun (Press Y) to clear the trees near the missile launcher and blow it up with the cannon from the road.
  14. Drive over the bridge and along the north road. Stop at the fork in the road to kill three soldiers in a sandbag embankment.
  15. COLLECTABLE: Hop out and pick up the PKM light machine gun. It's not the one marked by the X, but rather in a burned out hole about 10 yards to the west. (3/8)
  16. COLLECTABLE: Ready for the swim? Head out to the island to the north. Go to the white X and pick up the M24 sniper rifle. (4/8)
  17. GOLD: There is a gold bar next to the collectable on that island. It's on a little porch area. (1/5)
  18. Swim back and hop in the light tank. Take the northern-most road and head northwest. Be ready to shoot at a nearby light tank in the clearing. Drive from small unguarded houses at the end of the road.
  19. COLLECTABLE: The house on the left will contain the M16 assault rifle. (5/8)
  20. GOLD: It's in the middle house to the left of the entrance. (2/5)
  21. Hop back into the light tank and head south to the final missile launcher. There are plenty of RPG guys at the final base, so be ready to evade their shots. Hang back to destroy the area with the cannon, and then mop up the rest on foot.
  22. COLLECTABLE: The upper right white X marks the MG# light machine gun. It's near several gas tanks and a brown fence. (6/8)
  23. Take out the final missile launcher with the cannon or another explosive. Regroup at the smoke.

Supply Drop

  1. CUTSCENE: Sarge calls HQ and they authorize chopper support. HQ is also sending a care package along.
  2. Hop in the light tank and head to the drop zone under little to no resistance.
  3. At the supply drop, pick up the laser guided missile set and be ready for an incoming heavy tank. Hold LT to use the laser system and hold RT to lock onto the heavy tank.
  4. TIP: Unlike the guidance system, you can move around while targeting the tank. Plan a route between cover objects if you are having trouble.
  5. After the lock is set, the missile has to be guided by you. Use the Right Thumbstick to guide the missile to its target destination.
  6. Regroup at the smoke.

Reach the Supply Station

  1. CUTSCENE: HQ informs B Company that they stirred up trouble. HQ gave them a location of a supply station that needs to be cleaned out.
  2. Hop in the APC or light tank and head south. Shoot the machine gun tower from a distance to avoid damage to the vehicle.
  3. Approach the supply base slowly and fire heavily on the buildings. There are two or three RPG / grenade launcher soldiers in this area and a light tank eventually appears after reaching a certain point in the road.
  4. Take out the rest of the soldiers on foot and leave the light tank behind. There's another ahead.
  5. COLLECTABLE: As you enter the base, head into the first house on the left to pick up the PP2000 submachine gun. It's marked by a white X. (7/8)
  6. GOLD: There is a bar of gold just north of the collection of tanks. It's near a bench and a monument. (3/5)

Reach the Palace

  1. Hop in a heavy tank and make your way along the road to the marker on the map. The road will be easy until crossing the large bridge. There will be a grouping of infantry and RPG men on the opposite side waiting for you. Pop a couple shots early to scatter their forces.
  2. A bit further down the road, a golf cart and light tank will emerge. Take out the light tank first and then the buggy. At the upcoming house on the right, another light tank will be waiting and a couple soldiers in the house. Feel free to let the tank get hit as a fresh tank waits at this section.
  3. Before getting into the new heavy tank, look along the ridge ahead to see an enemy tank waiting. Call in a guided missile to take it out before it sees you.
  4. There will be two more heavy tanks on the path before the sharp curve to the right. The first will be on the right on the golf course and the second will charge up the road ahead of you. Using the guided missile system is preferable in both situations rather than wasting time with trading tank shells.
  5. GOLD: At the white X at the tip of the curve to the north, a bar of gold will be sitting beside an old outhouse. (4/5)
  6. Grab a fresh heavy tank and continue south along the road. Stop at the top of the hill to call in a guided air strike on the light tank below. Also approach the next white X on the road very cautiously. There are two heavy tanks ahead, one to the left on the golf course and the other to the right next to the tree line.
  7. Drive to the gate and take out the tower on the right first, followed by the shack on the left.
  8. COLLECTABLE: Inside the guard tower you blew up, there is a UMP submachine gun. It's marked by a white X. (8/8)
  9. Fill up on ammo while here, then hop back into the tank and head to the route marker. Don't drive too fast as the bridge is rigged with explosives. Back up quickly and head over using the metal footbridge to the right.
  10. TIP: There is a nearby sniper rifle by the entrance to the metal bridge if needed.
  11. Be ready to shoot ten infantry soldiers who storm the bridge, five on each side. There's also a guy with a grenade launcher near the smoke marker, a sniper in a window of the green house to the right and a manned shielded turret beside the house.

Capture the President

  1. CUTSCENE: The president is calling for help over a PA. B Company heads into the palace to free the president.
  2. Charging up the direct entrance is foolish due to the gun placements. Approach from the extreme right and use the large concrete block for your cover. 12 to 15 mercs will swarm the area.
  3. Stay in cover at all times and pop out to shoot the mercs. Try to take out both shielded machine guns first with headshots as well as the merc to the left side on the grenade launcher.
  4. The mercs are fairly predictable as well. Once you kill a merc, watch as another take his buddy's exact same place.
  5. After the first wave of mercs are dead, approach the house and wait as two men will charge out and others will fire from the inside. Switch to a machine gun at this point and lob grenades into the house over and over until everyone is dead.
  6. GOLD: Don't go upstairs yet! Walk through the opening hall and into the second room. The gold bar is on the right. (5/5)
  7. Head upstairs to extract the president.
  8. CUTSCENE: The president is inside practicing his golf swing. B Company tires to convince the president that it's time to leave. Sarge calls HQ only to find out that extraction is denied and that B Company has been cut loose. Fortunately the president offers a way out of the country; a gold plated, military chopper on the roof of the palace.

Air Force One

NOTE: There are no collectables on this level. Plenty of gold though.
  1. Land the chopper to the first checkpoint to repair it. The Left Thumbstick tilts the chopper, Right Thumbstick turns it, LT descends, and LB ascends.
  2. Grab the repair tool in the nearby house and fix up the chopper. Take off again to target some upcoming trucks. RT fires missiles, Y changes to the gunner's seat.
  3. Take out the three trucks and the two boats from relative safety above. Move around to the next two checkpoints.

Destroy Military Infrastructure

  1. Hover over the dam and take out the trucks and soldiers below before landing on the left side.
  2. GOLD: There is a gold bar in the gray house marked with a white X. (1/5)
  3. Fly forward to the three fuel silos, but keep your distance. They are easily shot from far away at the gunner's seat. Fly toward the next objective, but be wary of an approaching AA vehicle on the upcoming bridge.
  4. Approach the barracks, but be careful to shoot the two AA guns along the road first. Launch a barrage of missiles at the barracks until it pops up as complete.
  5. TIP: This is a great time to land and repair the chopper near the three busted cars to the left.
  6. Follow the river to the radio equipment. Unfortunately, you have to knock out the radio on foot. Hover for a while to take out all the nearby reinforcements, and then head inside the radio building.
  7. Walk around the building to talk out any stragglers and head down the stairs. If you walk to the room on the right, four men will pop out. Shoot a grenade down there to finish them off.
  8. GOLD: Head into the supply room on the left to pick up a gold bar. It's next to the door. (2/5)
  9. Destroy the radio with any nearby explosive and head back to the chopper. There will be an AA gun around as you exit the building, so try to destroy it immediately on take-off or perhaps before entering the chopper.

Move Out

  1. Take off and head south to the new route marker, beware of an AA gun moving south as well.
  2. GOLD: Before you hit the route marker, there is a small island right after that AA gun appears. Shoot the men below and the gold bar will be in the castle ruins. (3/5)

Cut off Serdar's Supply Lines

  1. When approaching the first three trucks on the river, there will be three AA guns to take out. The first on the small base with the two white X's, the second in the tree line next to the giant fuel tanks and the third across the river on a hill.
  2. Shoot the three supply trucks and proceed to the opposite side. Be careful of the RPG soldier crossing the bridge. As more trucks are taken out, two boats with loads of RPG soldiers will be headed your way.
  3. TIP: Stick the rockets for the boats. You can stay far away from the RPG fire and dodge the rockets easily. If you stay in the gunner position, the chopper will be destroyed quickly.
  4. After the boats are blown up, destroy all trucks accept for one. Land the chopper near the lowest white X on the east side of the river.
  5. GOLD: Inside the white house on the river marked with the white X, there is a gold bar sitting next to a table and chairs. (4/5)
  6. Blow up the last truck and head south as far as you can.

Reach the Refuel Base

  1. The chopper is low on fuel, so follow the river to the next base. Don't bother with the boats below. Head for the helipad to the northeast when the checkpoint changes.
  2. Once the chopper has landed safely, man the machine gun immediately. An APC will charge your position as well as a few soldiers. Make sure to get the man in the tower to the west as well.
  3. When it dies down, head in the direction of the white X a bit southwest of the ammo box. Move slowly down the street; using the houses to the right as cover.
  4. GOLD: There is a gold bar in the white house marked with that X. It's beside some fuel tanks. (5/5)
  5. Continue moving through the streets and clearing out the soldiers. There will be at least two men per building when you near one of the fuel trucks. All you need is one fuel truck to continue, so pick the nearest one and drive.
  6. TIP: Don't attempt to drive a fuel truck under enemy fire. They are too fragile to make it to the chopper.
  7. CUTSCENE: B Company fuels up the chopper and the president wants to go into Russia. Suddenly a barrage of men attack the chopper.
  8. Head back to that trusty machine gun and open fire. Focus your line of fire on the street as all of the enemy soldier will charge from that position. Also be careful of RPG fire and thrown grenades. Switch to the rocket launcher on the left side to take out any vehicles.
  9. As the heavy artillery approaches, make a beeline back to the chopper and hop in.
  10. CUTSCENE: The president is sad that he's leaving his country. Sarge is developing a plan to go after the gold. The president says that he knows where the gold is heading. Suddenly, a black chopper shoots down B Company's chopper.

Crash and Grab

  1. CUTSCENE: Marlow wakes up after the chopper went down and finds that B Company has been taken away. He contacts HQ only to find they are still stonewalling him. HQ denies air support, but will offer radio support.

Locate Squad Inside The Village

  1. Watch the trucks drive through the village and wait a moment for a patrolling guard to make his way from right to left on the main road before firing.
  2. TIP: The pistol is very inaccurate, so make sure to aim with LT instead of firing from the hip.
  3. The fired shots will alert the town of your presence. Work your way to the left and right taking out the enemy. It's also a good idea to swap out weapons frequently with dead soldiers.
  4. Three men will approach from the first house on the left and two more from the row of houses on the right. The shotgun works really well in this area.
  5. The skinny road to the north is more approachable than the road to the right. There are several enemies waiting in the tree line past the houses to tear you apart. Make your way to the stationary turret behind the houses on the left and ammo up.
  6. Pop a couple shots into the forest on the left and enemies will make their presence known. There are two men in the house down the hill on the right and one hiding behind a nearby busted car. Hang near the ammo box and launch unlimited grenades at them.
  7. Head down the hill and into the barracks when prompted.

Learn the Location of the Squad

  1. CUTSCENE: HQ informs Marlow that the area has been vacated. She also says that there is a communication hub in the valley to check for info.
  2. As soon as the scene ends, Marlow will be attacked from all sides. Four men will approach the house from an armored vehicle and two more from an elevated position. Use the interior of the house as cover and mow down the four first. Then turn your attention to the hill.
  3. COLLECTABLE: Inside the house, you will find a M95 sniper rifle sitting near the bunks. (1/3)
  4. Hop in a boat and take the river south before heading to the communication center. There will be six enemies on shore, so land quickly and take out the three in the house on the right first. There's a grenade launcher soldier inside.
  5. COLLECTABLE: Once the area is clear, head to the house with the northernmost white X. Inside is a XM8 LMG rifle. (2/3)
  6. Instead of hopping back in the boat, get into the nearby APC and head in the direction of the circular camp to the extreme southeast. There is an unmarked road to take you there.
  7. When climbing the road, be wary of a patrol of two APC vehicles. Hop in the turret to shoot them before they spot you. Continue onto the small camp. There is light resistance inside the camp, 3 enemy soldiers.
  8. GOLD: In the southern most building, there is a gold bar just inside the door to the right. (1/5)
  9. Check the main map to see two snipers popping shots off at you from the north. Hop back in the APC to run them over or take them out with the sniper rifle.
  10. From this point, your next target is the white X directly north and slightly east. It's right next to the river. It's a rundown house and a shack. There will be little resistance along the way directly north.
  11. GOLD: Pick up the gold bar outside, beside the crumbling house to the right. (2/5)
  12. Take the main road to the marker. Be wary of the stationary turret along the road, but it can be driven past at high speed without serious injury. Once outside the main camp, park near the entrance and mow down the two guards at the checkpoint and one on the roof.
  13. A barrage of enemy soldiers will attack from the east beyond the trees. Shoot at the trees to remove the barrier and find the shooters. Crash through the checkpoint and charge ahead to kill two soldiers at the overhead walkway and another in a sandbag position to the south.
  14. TIP: Don't worry about dying inside your APC in this section. Each time, you will be restarted outside the town in a fresh APC and progress will have been saved.
  15. Continue to charge the town with APC units. Marlow will have to kill around 20 soldiers to proceed. Also beware of snipers that sit up on the hills to the south. Once the area is relatively clear, head for the white X near the ammo box.
  16. COLLECTABLE: Inside the green house marked by the white X, you will find an AKS74u, a modified shorter version of the AK-47. (3/3)
  17. Head into the communications center and down the main staircase into the basement area.

Rescue the Squad

  1. CUTSCENE: Marlow will see a video feed of the president being interrogated by the leader of the mercs. The president is having the Americans executed and the merc still wants his gold.
  2. Head back outside and the place will be surrounded with eight soldiers, two on each side. Try to leave on the south side of the building shooting the nearby soldiers along the way.
  3. Your goal is a dune buggy in the motor pool. The dune buggy is very resilient to machine gun fire. Hop in the one nearest to the exit and race out of there. The main gate will be blocked with two large trucks. Snake through them and continue to the checkpoint.
  4. As Marlow approaches the sharp turn to the left, another buggy will appear and start shooting. Ram it and switch to the turret to take out the two men inside. There is a fresh buggy nearby to continue.
  5. Before hitting the next town, switch to the turret in the new buggy and bombard the town with shells. The town is designed as an ambush, so knocking down a few buildings certainly helps. Shell the house to the far left as it has a mounted turret inside.
  6. Once the ambush is triggered, hit the fuel filled trucks to continue along the path. There is a fresh buggy to the north of the town if needed as well as a repair tool in the first house on the left.
  7. Continue northeast and the quickest route will be blocked. Hang a left to head over the river. At the next encampment, try to fight on the broken roof to take out another turret. Then feel free to race through and hang a right to the next portion.
  8. If you park outside this camp, use the machine gun to fire at the soldiers peeking out of the warehouse and metal boxes. You can really take out enough enemies from the entrance to zip through the camp safely.
  9. Hang a right over the river and park outside the next couple of houses to kill a couple pesky soldiers from the turret. Hang a left at the road and drive to the next checkpoint.
  10. GOLD: At the checkpoint, take the dirt road to the north and follow the section to the right that looks like a hook. Kill the two men in the road and grab the gold bar sitting outside up against the house on the right. (3/5)
  11. When entering the next town, approach from the field to the right rather than the main road. A heavy tank will be perched at the top waiting to blow your buggy up. Aim for the southern-most white X as it marks a r



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