Power Parking. How in the world are you supposed to do that?! It's not as hard as people make it seem. In fact, you'll be getting 100% Power Parking ratings at the snap of a finger once you get it down. So let's begin. First, find an area devoid of major traffic but with a few cars parked on the side of the road -- specifically, you're going to need two parked cars with a good couple feet inbetween for your parking pleasure. Making sure the road is straight wouldn't hurt either. Now here's the big performance. Starting a little ways away from the two cars you're going to drift between, hit the accelerator. Hit the handbrake when you're close enough and steer towards the gap you're aiming for; basically, you should be performing a 180-degree turn. Just think James Bond.


Your rating will depend on whether or not you line it up correctly, but if you hit one of those cars while screeching into the gap, your entire attempt will be voided. There's not too much else to say. Keep practicing and you'll be able to nail it every time. Happy parking.




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    Release date (US):
    January 22nd, 2008
    Criterion Games
    Driving - Racing
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