Stunt Run. How do you keep them going? As you progress throughout the game, you'll be required to amass larger and larger totals, so you might as well learn now. Let's start with something simple: Boosting. Boosting is extremely simple and keeps your stunts stringed together; just be careful not to speed up too fast. If you have a Speed Class car, you'll need to time your boosting well, otherwise you can keep your boosts to short spurts rather than long trails. Ok, so what else is there to do? You can barrel roll and flat spin, and you can even get massive multipliers by combining the two. Flat spin half your car off the edge of a split ramp, land backwards, turn your reverse into another flat spin if there's a cliff nearby, and you'll have an instant new record.


Location is key when executing a Stunt Run. Sure you can pick and choose with a few roadside slit ramps and bunnyhops throughout the city and its outskirts, but where can you go to really rack up the points? The places built for Stunt Runs, of course! Areas engineered specifically for air travel, such as the Wind Farm, the Airfield, or Big Surf Beach, are ideal. You can always wreak some havok on highways and downtown areas, too. 

The Final Run is your moment to shine. Discretionarily using boost, drift, oncoming, and reverse, you can keep your multipliers alive until you're ready to chain together a perfect run. You can keep a good run going for as long as you want it to, so take your time; think of the clock as your margin for error. So that's it. SImple as that. Go rack up a monster score and get your Burnout Elite licence. Happy flying.



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