Ok first what you have to do is get a pistol heres the locations one of them you can get from a table where you get up to part you hav to kill the sniper if you look to staright there should be one , you can get another one by killing a nazi if hes not standing up hes surely going to pull out a pistol.

After a few shooting and buildings going up in flames you should hav enough ammo in your pistol you only get 10 bullets if you dont get the other pistols i just told you.Now as soon as you get to that part first kill the turret guy that shooting you in the tank looking vechile.Now when asmel (I think thats his name0 get to the vechile shoot him in the head and you should get the trophy.

The way i did it was harder I kilt him when he was running after he got out of the car it took me three tries.If you dont believe me add me if you hav a ps3 PSN:Hiroshima2100

I hav a platium trophy for this game.



What are your thoughts?

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