If you've bought they game, then congrats, you own a bloody scary game and are probably brave enough to play it!

Now if your a trophy freak like myself, you'll want the platinum. People will look at platinum trophies and think their too hard to get, but all you need is a little patience and preparation. I honestly think that if your searching the whole game to get these trophies it makes the game just that wee bit more special!
The platinum trophy in Dead Space can be attained in two run throughs, so in this guide I'll break down the trophies you'll need to get in each run through to make it as easy as possible plus give you a few tips on surviving the game.
First Run Through
Before you start your first run through make sure you start the game on HARD difficulty or you wont unlock impossible difficulty. These are the trophies you should be trying to get on your first run through:
1.     Dead On arrival
2.     Lab Rat
3.     All Systems Go
4.     Cannon Fodder
5.     True Believer
6.     Greenhouse Effect
7.     S.O.S
8.     Strange Transmissions
9.     Wreckage
10.   Keeper Of The Faith
11.   Betrayed
12.   Exodus
13.   Brute Force
14.   Exterminator
15.   Get Off My Ship
16.   Mindless Prey
17.   Pack Rat
18.   Story Teller
19.   Legend Teller
20.   Z-Baller
21.   Merchant
22.   Armstrong
23.   Playing Catch
24.   Kickin It
25.   Marksman
26.   Surgeon
27.   Butcher
28.   Freeze
29.   Crackshot
30.   Don't Get Cocky, Kid
31.   Air Alert
32.   Brawler
33.   Ragdoll Check
34.   Big Spender
35.   Slugger
36.   Full Contact
37.   A Cut Above
38.   Tool Time
39.   Pusher
40.   Live With The Hot Ones
41.   Auto Fire
42.   Eviscerator
43.   Theres Always Peng
44.   Full Arsenal
45.   Maxed Out
Now, I'll sypathize with you, thats a hell of a lot of trophies I expect from you in the first play through, but you can do it! Just read on...
...Ok, I'll now group the trophies to make it seem less daunting and show you how to go after these trophies:
The Chapter Trophies
(See trophies 1 through 13) Pretty self explanatory really, just complete the game and these ones are yours, the problem is fitting in the rest into these 12 chapters.
What you must keep in your mind is the One Gun trophy, you can only use the plasma cutter for an entire run through, and I suggest leaving it until you tackle impossible mode. Now that we have established that you use only the plasma cutter in your second run through (on the hardest difficulty of course!) we can move on to the other 32 trophies you can get in the first run through:
Gun Trophies
  • Full Arsenal
  • Maxed Out
  • Full Contact
  • A Cut Above
  • Tool Time
  • Pusher
  • Live With The Hot Ones
  • Autofire
  • Eviscerator
Simple stuff really, I suggest buying all the weapons first (obviously). Then for Maxed Out concentrate on upgrading each weapon individually and buying a crap load of power nodes! If you cant get all the gun stuff finished in the one run through, dont worry, just go on to a new game plus and it should only take another couple of chapters to finish up the rest. The rest of these trophies are self explanatory, dont put yourself under pressure just have fun with the weapons throughout the game and the trophies will come naturally.
Audio And Video Logs
  • Story Teller
  • Legend Teller
This pretty much means collect every log in the game. To do this, you really need to search around every nook and cranny of every room, just so you dont miss something. This is also good for finding ammo so make sure you look everywhere before you leave that space.
  • Marksman
  • Surgeon
  • Butcher

These trophies aren't that hard to get, you'll probably get them on your course throughout the game. My tip though for beating enemies is to shoot one of their legs out first, then go for the arms. Works every time!

ADS Cannons

  • Don't Get Cocky, Kid
  • Slugger

I found these two trophies the hardest to get, this was due to the fact that I didn't know that you have two cannons to fire from! In Don't get cocky kid concentrate on getting the small asteroids first with one first from one of your cannons. If any of the bigger asteroids come your way, make sure to use burst fire from both your cannons at the same time and it should obliterate them. If you manage to dip below 50% health just let the asteroids pummel the ship and restart the mini game.

For the slugger trophy, if the boss gets anything in its' tenticles make sure you shoot them first as the explosive barrels do a lot of damage. To start off with concentrate your fire on one appendage first then work your way around the boss, this is the easier of the two to get so theres no excuse guys!

The Bosses

  • Brute Force
  • Exterminator
  • Get Off My Ship
  • Mindless Prey

Again you'll get these trophies through the course of the game but I'll explain a few tactics anyway. For the brute force, make sure to stasis him as soon as he runs towards you. Then go around behind hm, and go to work on the legs. Rinse and repeat and he'll soon be crushed.

I had a bit of trouble with the second boss as he's so frickin annoying sometimes but he only has a few attacks so just learning how to avoid them is easy enough. As one of the tenticles come out, move around to the side and when he slams down with the tenticle zero g jump to the side of it as it will swing around most of the area. It only takes a few shots for each tenticle so after the zero g jump give him a lead sandwich and continue to the other tenticles. When he opens his mouth, get the contact beam out and avoid the 4 or 5 pods he spits out, shot him right in the middle, and after a few thats him gone!

The slugger boss is easy enough, and i've pretty much just explained that.

The last boss is disappointingly easy but for those that struggle, just keep on moving to the side as he swings the tenticles down then fire away at the yellow targets. Just rinse and reapeat really, simple stuff.


  • Pack Rat
  • Z-Baller
  • Merchant
  • Armstrong
  • Playing Catch
  • Kickin It
  • Freeze
  • Crackshot
  • Air Alert
  • Brawler
  • Ragdoll Check
  • Big Spender

Easy stuff these trophies. Pack rat should be done during the course of the game at any time, mostly if you want to save ammo or store weapons and health packs for harder parts of the game.

Z-Baller is in chapter 10 or 11 I think. You'll know when you come across it. When you defeat the enemies in the room start the game and throw the basketball using kinesis into the holes. If you stand on the platforms further back when doing this, you will get more points.

Collecting schematics for the merchant trophy will be done during the course of the game. You'll see really bright flashing objects on the floor in some areas, just make sure to pick these up.

For armstrong, just fire random objects at enemies, they'll do some damage but not as much as your weapons. You might get this trophy during Z-Basketball but I think it is 50 different objects.

The easiest way to do the Playing catch trophy is when fighting the brute. Stasis him then shoot a leg off. Run away from him and he will stop. He'll get ready then spit a pod out of his mouth. Catch the po with kinesis then fire it back at him. This is also a great way to save ammunition.

For Kickin it, find the tiny enemies which sprout 3 tenticles, run after them and stop about a metre away. Let them grap on to you and just keep mashing the button it tells you to mash and you should kick the creepy thing away. Repeat 9 more times!

Im going to combine the Freeze and Brawler trophies together. Stasis a normal enemy then just go up to it and waack the crap out of it. Stamping on them dishes out a lot more damage, just remember to stasis first,

Crackshot is a great trophy to get because in the course of doing so you get great items. In chapter 8 or 9 you'll see a shooting gallery, get out the plasma cutter or the pulse rifle and just keep your aim down the middle. Don't worry about reloading or anything as it gives you infinate ammo.

For Air Alert find a zero-g area and jump small distances over a over again, you should get this.

Ragdoll Check is another easy one, use the force gun in the room with all the missing gravity panels and you should havethis trophy in no time.

For Big spendor, amke sure you buy all the upgrades for your armour and a crap load of power nodes, this will ensure you getting this trophy.

Don't worry if you have to do a new game plus to upgrade your weapons because you'll get 10 power nodes for completing the game and 50,000 to spend, so buy power nodes galore.

Second Run Through

 Easy stuff for your second run through. You should have unlocked impossible mode so the only trophies for you to get are:
  1. Epic Tier Three Engineer
  2. One Gun
  3. Theres Always Peng

Just run through the game on impossible difficulty using only the plasma cutter. It may seem hard but the way to do this is to not buy any other weapon at all. This will meanthat enemies will mostly drop only plasma cutter ammo. If you find any other kind of ammo then all you need to do is just sell it on for power nodes to upgrade the plasma cutter and your armour.

For getting the peng treasure, you'll find it during chapter 11 where you first get on board the ship. It is between the two docking bays and you'll need to use kinesis to get it. Heres a link to make it easier to find it.


Good stuff, after all that you should unlock the platinum after defeating the hive mind at the end of impossible difficulty! Bravo, welcome to the ranks of the platinum collectors!



What are your thoughts?

  1. Seb

    • 8:16am EDT - March 19th, 2009

    Awesome guide NinjaMidgetRyan! Thanks for sharing :D

  2. Jules909

    • 9:09am EDT - March 19th, 2009

    Good guide N.M.R. All i need to get for platnium is the impossible mode trophy. I'm on chapter 3 and finding it really hard. I only have the plasma cutter at the moment but want to get the force gun as its good for multiple enemies who are up close to you.

  3. Eric

    • 8:46am EDT - March 20th, 2009

    Yeah man, this is a fantastic guide.

  4. DBZ0wnz

    • 5:38pm EDT - March 21st, 2009

    Well i've already got this but i gotta add that it's not do-able for many ppl.

  5. KingFox67

    • 5:23pm EDT - April 12th, 2009

    Great guide NinjaMidgetRyan! =)

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