This chapter is very short and you don't face many hard enemies but the one hard enemy you do face makes all the different later on.   At first when you start you run into a little resistance but not too much to where its hard or even impossible.  As you start off you don't find many enemies but when you do its not hard to kill them.  Its impossible to lose your trail, miss anything as everything is right  around the corner usually, and zombies won't hide anywhere.  Eventually you'll find a ladder right in front of you.  Get Sheva up on it you'll find a key.  Than farther down left you'll find a second ladder.  Get Sheva up there so she can get the key as it'll help later.  After 4-5 zombies come jumping off from where Sheva went up.  Kill them and move on.  At one point you will find a bunch of boxes stuck in a corner that you turn in.  DON'T get too comfortable as a zombie jumps out to give you a surprise.  You'll eventually come to a house and go up in it.  Go to one of the corners where the fruit sale is.  Above that is the first BSAA emblem.  Now move on you'll see a cutscene where a girl gets kidnapped.  DON't go rushing up there.  Remember the key you got earlier in the level?  Well go to the house on the left you'll see a shotgun.  Use the key get the shotgun and then go to where the girl was.   After the cutscene you'll fight her and a few other zombies.  Everyone besides the main girl is easy, as she has one of those Las Plagas type things that pops outta her head which is a lot harder here in resident evil 5.  Kill all the zombies and move on.  AFter you'll run into bout 15 easy zombies kill them, go around the gate, then go through the door.   Now as this is a lot easier you can get everything easily.  After you climb up to your first ladder look above.  It may be hard because of the glare but look closely and you'll see a BSAA emblem.  Now go down the elevator and follow the trail.   When you get the key go back to the door and you run into a new enemy called a Urobour.   After the cutscene i suggest not wasting your ammo and run.   Now when the door locks kill it.  THERE ARE TWO WAYS OF KILLING IT.   The first way is the way everyone on the first try should do the non-money way which it drops 5000 gold.    There are pink growths on the Urobour.  Lead it into the place where the fires going.  Its not hard to find.  Shoot the growths and when its down immediatly run outside.  use the control panel and lower the gates.  The urobour will die and you had wasted bout 5-10 bullets.  The second way the money way.  This way is the best if you want the money the worst if you dont wanna waste too much ammo.  shoot the growths and unleash on it when its down.  Repeat this process.  If you and your partner runs outta ammo you might as well retry as the knife doesn't work.    Now when its down go back to the locked door where you first met the urobour.  Go down the hall and you'll see an elevator.  However  move a few steps down the hall where the elevator is turn left.  If your in the right place you'll be looking through a ironed gate looking at a BSAA emblem.  Shoot it(depending on if you have any ammo or not) and go to the elevator.  Congratulations you've completed 1-2



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