This trophy requires time or lucky or both, and for me it is the hardest trohpy to get int Tekken.

Trophy information:

To get this trophy you need to defeat Devil Jin in his campaing stage. This stage is set in a moving train and only in two of its wagons. The enemies here are powerfull demons that respawn in waves set but an unknow timer, this is the big difference between this stage and the others, because in the others, enimies will respawn after you killed all the enemies of a prev wave or if you reach a specific location. If you didn't choose Devil Jin as your personal character at the beginning of the campaing, you won't be able to get the teatre gold trophy until you pass this stage neither the silver campaing completion trophy.


- Something you should know: You can't beat this level without items above B. And this is why I meant by saying this trophy requires time, in order to beat this stage you need to unlock S or A or B rank itemas and select them in your character and in you ally (you have to unlock enough powerfull items for both). I recomend to play the other extra levels to unlock better items and in hard if you can. For this stage use items with that gives characters better health, strenght and endurance, also electrifying and freezing powerups if you can.

- Try to find a player that suits you, but the key part here, you need to learn combos that hits enemies in LOW parts. Since you can't crouch, you will need a character that with a specific combo move can do lower hits. And also combos that throws enemies into the air. The union between both wagons is the perfect location to fight enemies since you can throw them out of the train with the right move (actually I defeated Jin by throwing him out of the wagon). I tried many characters and I found Eddy to be the best of all since his combos hits low parts and can push enemies out of the train.

- Try to stay fighting in the open wagon and the union of both as recomendation since you can throw enemies out of the train. I found nearly impossible to defeat Jin with hand combat, he appears with respawning demon bodyguards. Your best chance to clear this stage is to throw Jin out of the train. (This is how I did it)

- Make your ally (Alissa or Lars) as porwerfull as you, he/she will aid you killing demos alot in this stage. Do not let them do all the work or they will die, if you see you are beginning to get separated from your partenr by the enemies, stop fighting them and go help your ally, he/she is your best weapon to defeat Jin.

- Use the GAU weapon in the secong wave of enemies. Kill the first wave of enemies and go get faster this weapon and use it yo kill the next 2 waves (or most of them).

- Try to kill your enemies faster. As I said before the respawn by time, if you do not kill them fast, in no time you will be defeated by numerous enemies.

- Last but not least. Have faith in you!!!

Well those are all my tips. Good Luck..



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