Dying to complete your collection? If you've found every other treasure available, this will be your sixty-first shiny trinket. Well, let's scoop him up so we can save Elena and get out of here. This little guy's hiding in Chapter V: The Fortress. Once you scale your way across the beautifully decrepit walls of the fortress and find your way inside, you're going to run into a small firefight. Pepped up by your first taste of action in the chapter, you should be able to easily sprint up the stairs that cling to the inside of the outer wall. But wait! There are still a few more thugs on the walls to take out before you can commence your search. Done fighting? Put your gun away and look around; if you're facing the ocean, you should stroll down the left portion of the wall. When you reach the end, place your back to the ocean and look at the small, shaded structure standing in front of you.

That's where you're headed. Take a deep breath and jump the gap!

What's this? My dear Watson, you've found your Strange Relic! Take a gander at this little fellow; if you've played the Jak & Daxter games, it may bring back some memories. Yes, it's a precursor orb. All that trouble for an object that doesn't even belong in Uncharted! Hey, but you got a trophy for it, right?

Oh, little orb, what trouble you have caused. Alas, your reign of terror is now over.

Now, go find Elena! 



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  1. hush404

    • 6:13am EDT - March 30th, 2009

    Ha, I never even suspected it being there, thanks.

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