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PlayStation Mobile - Twist Pilot video review

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on 1 November 2012

With Sony’s new PlayStation Mobile platform currently in full swing following its launch in early October, PlayStation Universe takes a look at some of the games currently available to play and download right now.

In the second video in our PlayStation mobile series, we take a look at Twist Pilot, the action puzzle game from Crash Lab which involves controlling a character named Phil through a series of 72 levels while collecting items and trying to avoid touching the sides.

You need to collect the Golden Rings that are littered throughout the levels and stars are awarded for collecting them and reaching the destination in time. Power-ups help you along the way. By dragging the screen and timing the rotation correctly, Phil can be squeezed through the narrowest of gaps.

The game rules and objectives are simple and easy to understand and the game is accessible to all ages and abilities with a Platinum mode for those who want a sterner test.

Twist Pilot is available to download now priced £2.79.

There are currently over 30 new titles available on PlayStation Mobile from a variety of genres including Adventure, Action, Puzzle, and Sports, created by third party developers and publishers as well as SCE Worldwide Studios.

Check out the video review of Twist Piliot.

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Twist Pilot Review by Steven Williamson

-The Final Word-

Sensitive touchscreen controls can lead to frustration and level design is quite repetitive, but overall Twist Pilot is fun while it lasts.
  • Lots of content with 72 levels and decent replay value if you feel the need to get all the gold rings.
  • Bright, colourful and accessible. It's a game that all the family can enjoy regardless of age and gaming skills.
  • There's only a small margin for error and the sensitive touchscreen controls will ensure you'll die, frequently.
  • Lack of variation in the levels. It all gets quite repetitive
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