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PlayStation Mobile - Hungry Giraffe video review

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on 2 November 2012

With Sony’s new PlayStation Mobile platform currently in full swing following its launch in early October, PlayStation Universe takes a look at some of the games currently available to play and download right now.

In the fourth video in our PlayStation mobile series, we take a look at Hungry Giraffe from Laughing Jackal.

Game synposis

It sucks when you're hungry. Sometimes you just want to bury your face into a burger, or tear into a taco. Out on the African savannah, a Hungry Giraffe feels your pain.

A 20 foot tall, 1200kg animal like the giraffe needs to chow down on tons of food each day, just to stay alive. But, oh no! All the tastiest leaves have been eaten, while up in the sky endless quantities of snacks, fruit and junk food hover just out of reach!

Hungry Giraffe features the world's largest and hungriest even-toed ungulate. Through skilful steering of his neck, you can propel your half-starved giraffe on his twisty-turny upward journey, chomping on strawberries, fries, sandwiches and naughtier treats.

But beware! The skies are also strewn with hazards. Poison, Anvils and non-prescription Drugs also hover up there, ready to send unwary giraffes plummeting to earth.

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Check out the video review for Hungry Giraffe.

Hungry Giraffe Review by Steven Williamson

-The Final Word-

Entertaining and full of humour, Hungry Giraffe is one of the most addictive titles currently available on PS Mobile.
  • Great presentation and audio
  • Smooth, simple gameplay mechanics and entertaining concept.
  • Improved menu system and high-res graphics is an improvement over PS3 Mini game released earlier this year.
  • The 10 stages can be completed fairly quickly.
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