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The Wolf Among Us 'Faith' Review: Fantastic Grimm and gritty nursery crimes

on 26 October 2013

What do you think makes a great detective game? Grizzled private eyes, beautiful-yet-deadly women, hard-hitting thugs, whiskey, and nicotine might spring to mind, but at no point would you think this trusty formula could be improved by the addition of characters from children's stories and rhymes. Well, The Wolf Among Us, the new adventure title from Walking Dead-creator Telltale Games has taken both these genres, liberally mixed them together, and produced a great game. Let me tell you more.

The Wolf Among Us is, like Lee and Clementine's The Walking Dead journey, a five-chapter serial. Chapter One, Faith, is currently available for PlayStation 3 and will be out on PS Vita later this year. And just like The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us is based on the Fables comic book series by DC. However, The Wolf Among Us is set before the comic's first issue, and so can be considered a prequel to it.

The premise of Fables is that famous characters from stories and rhymes are hiding in a secret district of New York City called Fabletown after their individual homelands were taken over by the Adversary, a mysterious (evil) monstrosity. In the Wolf Among Us, the player adopts the role of Bigby Wolf, Fabletown's sheriff, who, due to his previous bad ways, is loathed by most of his fellow Fables. Bigby's job is to make sure Fabletown's diverse inhabitants stay hidden, behave themselves, and attract no attention from the real world (or, Mundy, as the Fables call it).