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Valhalla Knights 3 Review: All 'Sexy Time,' no substance - a fan disservice

on 27 October 2013

Valhalla Knights 3 takes place in a dark and corrupt world where nations crumble and empires fall. You are put in the shoes of a warrior whose nation was destroyed by the Beigen Empire. You are forced to do the bidding of your new Emperor, who has placed a life-threatening magic seal on your body. If you choose to do anything but the Emperor's bidding, you will be executed by the magic seal instantly. From the moment you set foot in the Valhalla Knights 3 universe, you are slapped in the face by the harsh reality of how the world your character inhabits works.

The emperor of the Beigen Empire sends you to investigate an incredibly dangerous prison in the hopes of finding a legendary treasure that is said to grant any wish. In order to survive, you must remain undercover as a prisoner with no special treatment. The story takes every chance it gets to remind you just how expendable you are to the Beigen Empire. The prison in Valhalla Knights 3 isn't an ordinary metal bars and jumpsuits type prison, either. Rather, Valhalla Knights 3 takes place in a massive castle that has been converted into a prison. Inside this prison, the convicts are left to their own vices, which creates a paradise for those that like to do things that would otherwise be considered... well, criminal. It's kill or be killed, and the very second you set foot in the prison, fellow inmates get killed, and one girl in particular gets taken by two men for illicit purposes.

The story in Valhalla Knights 3 is interesting but presented quite poorly. Visually, the game suffers from very flat textures and an overall bland color palette. Some of the characters in the game look cool, but almost all the NPCs you run into look the same. Much like the visuals, the audio in the game leaves something to be desired There are almost no voice recordings throughout the entire game, and the little bit of audio that was recorded is heard over and over again in rapid succession--it's agitating after a few hours playing, let alone dozens. The dialogue in the game is presented in pop-up speech bubbles much like a graphic novel or manga, which isn't the issue; rather, the dialogue itself is fairly stiff and lacks character. What makes the story even harder to enjoy is that the animation in cutscenes is awkward and generally doesn't sync with what characters are saying. It's hard to take the story seriously when it is presented in such a poor and careless fashion.