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Angry Birds Star Wars Review: what happens when two much-loved franchises clash?

2 November 2013

We presume you’ve played Angry Birds before? If not, check out the review of the original Angry Birds port which launched on PSN in 2011 for an understanding of the basic mechanics.

Dressing a cartoon pig up as a storm trooper and putting a lightsaber in between its trotters while blasting out the fist-pumpingly brilliant ‘Imperial March’ tune, isn’t enough to distract from the fact that gameplay in Angry Birds Star Wars is still all about slinging irate-looking birds at the bloated bonces of ugly green porkers.

Nevertheless, it’s a formula that has set developer Rovio Entertainment on the path to massive success with a series that has appeared on multiple platforms and been played by millions of casual gamers across the globe. And, if Team 17 and its Worms franchise can dine out on the same gameplay for the last 15 years, why shouldn’t Rovio milk it when it has a fairly new formula that works? The old adage, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,' springs to mind.

Well, as it turns out Angry Birds: Star Wars, despite its familiarity, is a very pleasant surprise. Yes, core gameplay still involves catapulting birds in the air at a variety of angles to destroy pigs who have barricaded themselves around a variety of elaborate structures made of various tough materials, but it does so with a great deal of style and in a way that revitalizes the familiar gameplay somewhat. In fact, the Star Wars universe has given Rovio some excellent source material from which to draw inspiration from, and it’s done well to create new bird-chucking strategies for fans of the franchise, as well as deliver some unique levels that are well worth a look. Consequently, fans of Angry Birds shouldn’t be disappointed.

Progression and scoring in Angry Birds Start Wars is identical to previous games with players working through levels until they unlock the next world, earning a star rating (up to three stars) at the end of each stage for their performance, while gaining points for smashing down structures with the least amount of birds possible. From the sandy deserts of Tattoine to the gravity-defying Death Star levels set in outer space, each world is based on familiar places from a galaxy far, far away. So, players can look forward to slinging birds across the desolate ice world of Hoth and the gas mining colony of Cloud City while enjoying the likes of Boba Fett-inspired stages and bonus levels that weren’t available in earlier versions of the game.

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