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Toki Tori review: charming, challenging and entertaining platform-puzzler

on 16 December 2013

Much like its titular hero, Toki Tori by Dutch developer Two Tribes, is bit of an odd bird.

Proving to be a more grey-matter affirming affair than initial impressions might yield, Toki Tori on PlayStation 3 is a sleek re-imaging of the 2001 Gameboy Color title of the same name. Crucially keeping the original design DNA intact alongside a smattering of improvements, Toki Tori’s inaugural PSN outing remains relevant; a worthwhile proposition for folks looking for a satisfyingly taxing but never punishing challenge to their puzzle solving acumen.

The premise is adorably simple. As young chick Toki Tori, you must traverse a quartet of very differently themed worlds to rescue your kidnapped siblings who still reside within the comforting cloister of their eggs.

To make good on the heroic chick’s rescue plan, Toki Tori comes aptly prepared as the clever avian possesses a number of tools and abilities at his disposal.

These range from the mundane, such as platforms to bridge gaps (Toki Tori can only jump a very small distance) and the ability to shift blocks from side to side, to the more extravagant, such as a teleportation device and a ghost trap which causes a ghost to fall through the floor, creating a pit as the wailing apparition tumbles earthward.

Brilliantly paced in their inclusion within the game, the player is exposed to each tool and ability in a considered fashion with the levels doing a perfect job of acclimatising the player to the functions of each.

It’s just as well that the learning curve for these powers is so painless too, as the strong majority of Toki Tori’s levels require that you use these in synergy with one another in order to assure completion of a given level before moving onto the next.

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