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Trials Fusion PS4 Review

on 25 April 2014

"Welcome To the Future" of Trials with its over-the-top sci-fi theme, robotic voice-overs and vaguely camp cyber-warrior who sits astride his two-wheeled beast ready to unleash his bunny-hopping skills across a variety of bonkers courses.

Like previous games in the series, Trials Fusion presents an arcade-style take on the sport of motorcycle trials, but this time around developer RedLynx trades in some of the natural-looking tracks and environments from previous games for a dazzlingly bright futuristic setting, which has essentially allowed it to get all creative and funky with the design of some of the courses as well as the backdrops and obstacles that players have to navigate.

Gameplay hasn’t changed and involves picking and choosing from a variety of unlockable bikes and completing some tricky courses, while competing in time trials against the online community. Yes, the all-new FMX trick mode allows riders to pull of some fancy aerial manoeuvres, such as the ‘superman,’ the ‘driller’ or ‘the kiss of death’ to rack up XP points, but success largely still boils down to putting your foot on the gas and breaking at the right time, while using body momentum to affect the trajectory of the bike and prevent an unnecessary crash.

The biggest change to this physics-based motorcycle platformer is the setting, with the likes of spaceships and levitating/shifting platforms offering up some outlandish level design throughout Career Mode. Despite some clever course design, such as the ramps that move around and slot into place right in front of your eyes, it’s all about building up the skills as a cyclist and mastering the bike as you progress from 'easy' tracks that can be completed in less than a minute through to frustratingly difficult courses that test your patience as much as your skill.

The overall sci-fi theme is a little bizarre, with Cindy, a robotic female voice-over explaining challenges and giving you a few tips along the way. However, the futuristic backdrops and neon-lit tracks look impressive with towering city buildings decked out in a shimmering silver and scripted events, such as explosions and falling debris, providing some eye-candy and injecting some life into the environments. The shiny futuristic environments can be a little over-bearing on the eyes – we certainly prefer the more organic, natural-looking locations in Career mode - but the sci-fi theme certainly brings with it some unique ideas that provides a fresh take on the popular sport.