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5 amazing PS3 franchises that we want to play on PS4

There were some amazing PS3 franchises that have yet to make the transition to PS4. Here’s five of our favorites that we hope come to Sony’s console very soon!

on 13 August 2017


The PlayStation 4 has been ripe with successful new IPs, from Bloodborne to Horizon: Zero Dawn, but it’s also been a veritable stomping ground for nostalgia. Numerous remasters have cropped up in the past few years, with the likes of Resident Evil HD, The Last of Us Remastered, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy proving that gamers still look a bit of old-school shenanigans. 

In addition, we’ve also seen franchises from previous cycles receive a modern overhaul with new sequels arriving on the scene, polishing up the visuals and implementing new gameplay mechanics into the mix. 

Despite the wealth of franchise available on Sony’s flagship system however, there’s still plenty of much-loved gaming series from the previous gen that have yet to make the transition to the PS4, or indeed this console generation as a whole. We’ve listed five series that we’d like to see make the jump to the PS4, so check them out below and then let us know what games you’d like to see in the comments section.

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Criterion Games’ adrenaline-fueled racing series remains one of the most celebrated of its kind, which is even more puzzling as to why we have yet to see a full-fledged instalment since Burnout Paradise on PS3 over a decade ago. Criterion itself has since moved onto other projects, and while that’s understandable from a creative point of view, it still leaves us with a Burnout-shaped hole in our hearts that is difficult to fill. The series is known for its unique, action-packed spin of the racing genre, marrying seamless arcade handling with hair-raising stunts that rewards players for playing both aggressively and dangerously on the road. Burnout Paradise in particular set a brilliant new direction for the series, taking it into open-world territory for the first time as gamers cruise through Paradise City, picking up races and other activities at their leisure. Indeed, we can only imagine where Criterion could have taken the series on PS4. Here’s hoping they have a change of heart…

Brothers in Arms

Gearbox’s acclaimed World War II-era shooter has been doing the rounds on iOS for the past few years, although it’s been nearly a decade since we saw an authentic console entry in the shape of Hell’s Highway. The action-packed franchise is known for its hard-hitting narrative and recreation of actual battles from WWII, such as the Operation Market Garden in Hell’s Highway, as well as visceral combat depicting some grisly enemy deaths. Unfortunately, despite an attempt to create a brand new entry in Furious 4, negative fan feedback resulted in the game being scrapped as part of the Brothers in Arms franchise and later assimilated into what would later become Battleborn. The silver lining? Gearbox has said that it will be working on a new title in the franchise at some point. 

Dead Space


Visceral Games’ acclaimed scare-’em-up launched back in 2008, and for many successfully reinvigorated the survival horror genre, which at the time had been pretty much on life support. Set in the distant future on board a seemingly abandoned mining ship, engineer Isaac Clarke’s grim outing saw him battling grotesque, undead husks known as Necromorphs, which tied into the viscerally-satisfying Strategic Dismemberment system. Ripe with atmosphere and superb pacing, Dead Space pathed the way for two sequels, although by the time the third showed its face a few years back, EA had unfortunately followed Resident Evil’s footsteps and introduced cooperative play at the expense of solo scares. Still, with so much potential, Dead Space is certainly one franchise that deserves to be rebooted for the PS4, hopefully rekindling those brilliant moments from the first two games.


Insomniac’s flagship first-person shooter franchise during the early PS3 years may not have been a true Halo killer, but there’s no denying its solid shooting mechanics and intriguing creature design made for some top-notch gaming moments. Unfortunately, the first two games were crippled story-wise by dullard protagonist Nathan Hale, who took gruff stoicism to almost unbearable new heights. Nonetheless, Resistance’s setpieces and boss battles were among some of the best on PS3, and the third game took things up a notch considerably with a bleaker, more personal story thanks to new hero, Joseph Capelli. That’s not including the multiplayer, which was actually not half bad and could even give Killzone a run for its money. While Insomniac has since moved onto other titles, we’d love to see Resistance make a comeback on PS4. 



A remake of the classic PSOne-era aerial shooter, Warhawk released as as multiplayer-only shooter for the PS3 just under a decade ago, with its spiritual successor, Starhawk, rolling in 2012. While the single-player component was ultimately left on the cutting room floor, its online offerings were considerably solid, consisting of multiple game modes and superbly-crafted maps allowing players to rank up and unlock personal and vehicle customisation options, making for an addictive multiplayer experience. Starhawk further expanded this design, implementing real-time strategy elements into the mix, not to mention a proper single-player campaign. Sadly, developer Lightbox Entertainment’s contract with Sony in late 2012 and the studio subsequently moved into iOS territory. As one of Sony’s legacy franchises (if perhaps not as well-known as some), Warhawk deserves to be resurrected in the not-too-distant future.