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Badass Bosses: Azazel

on 26 August 2010

Welcome back to our dedicated feature where we scrutinize the biggest, baddest bosses the PlayStation brand has to offer. Our inaugural installment tackled Uncharted 2’s bald-headed antagonist Zoran Lazarverich, who provided a memorable climatic battle to one of the greatest adventure romps of this generation.

As such, the team at PSU Towers decided to make the transition to another genre for our latest entry, focusing on Namco’s venerable fighting series, Tekken. Specifically, we’re taking on Tekken 6’s resident big bad, the ancient and hulking Azazel, who serves as the game’s final boss in Arcade Mode in addition to making an appearance in the Scenario Campaign.

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As fans will no doubt recall, Namco has always had a penchant for introducing all manner of elaborate combatants throughout the series (serving up everything from boxing kangaroos to the Aztec fighting gods), so Azazel shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise to the hardcore Tekken aficionado. Still, this bloke shouldn’t be underestimated, and has kicked our collective arse more times than we care to divulge. But that’s another story, so on with the fight.

As mentioned, Azazel towers over your character and possesses incredible strength, range and speed to boot, making him one tough customer. In terms of attack prowess, the hulking beast can pummel its victims with everything from his fists and tail to summoning mighty stalagmites from the temple floor, as well as executing a rather nasty projectile attack. Make no mistake—this opponent can decimate your health bar in mere seconds if you aren’t sufficiently prepared for the battle. To further exacerbate things, Azazel is capable of executing a stun attack (leaving you momentarily incapacitated), an auto-block and he is overall far more resilient to your attacks than your bog standard Tekken brawler. As such, expect an arduous and lengthy battle if you intend on coming out on top. Oh, and don’t even think about attempting to throw your enemy—Azazel is immune to such proximity attacks (though as one would expect, can toss you around like a rag doll).


Juggles, as ever, are instrumental in defeating this monstrosity of a boss, so the longer you keep him in the air, the better your chances are of racking up the damage. As mentioned, Azazel can take quite a beating, so you’ll need to recycle your most lethal combos several times over. Don’t rush in madly, take things at a methodical pace, counter attacking only when your opponent lets his guard down (which granted, isn’t a regular occurrence) and be ever vigilant of his attacks, enabling you to block when necessary. You’ll have to be especially quick at ducking his unblockable attacks, which can catch you off guard if your reaction times are sloppy. Learn to exploit his attack patterns. In particular, the beast is most vulnerable after teleporting above the arena and launching an air-borne strike, allowing you to block and then immediately counter. 

Keep chipping away at his health with quick jabs mid-attack to stop him in his tracks and get those launchers in to follow up with a bound and juggle. Avoid employing slow and lumbering attacks even if they may inflict more damage and go for maneuvers that enable you to knock your enemy down quickly and efficiently. Whatever you do, don’t let yourself be caught on the ground for a prolonged period of time; Azazel has an ample selection of low/mid range attacks and will utilize these in quick succession to exploit your vulnerability. His tail is especially nasty and will move in a sweeping motion several times over. 

Azazel’s appearance in Scenario Campaign is another kettle of fish altogether, and, depending on how you are equipped, can prove significantly easier or more difficult to defeat. The most prominent disparity between the Arcade battle and this encounter is the presence of Azazel’s minions (or to be more accurate, gargoyles), which tend to bundle you in the corner and distract you from your main adversary. Of course, in this battle you have the chance to go up against him with another player if you’re doing online co-op, though on single-player you’ll have to make do with the competent, if flawed antics of your AI-controlled buddy, Raven. Still, if you’re kitted out with all the best attributes—such as increased health, damage and elemental abilities—you shouldn’t have too much trouble putting Azazel down for good. In the case of online co-op, we tend to employ the most obvious strategy of having our mate tackle Azazel’s pesky sidekicks while we go for the main beast itself. Once the minions were dispatched (at least for the time being or when their numbers dwindled enough), our buddy joined us in the main battle to facilitate our victory.

Check out a video of Tekken 6’s Big Bad in action below. 

PSU will have more badass bosses for you in the near future.