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The Sith
11-01-2008, 04:15
Rumour: Spielberg team laid off at EALA (update)

October 31st, 2008 @ 07:56
http://www.videogaming247.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/stevenspielberg.jpg (http://www.videogaming247.com/2008/10/31/rumour-spielberg-team-laid-off-at-eala/13798/)
Update: EA’s just confirmed (http://www.videogaming247.com/2008/10/31/ea-spielbergs-lmno-still-in-production/) that the game’s still in production.
VG247 has learnt from an EA employee that the majority of the LMNO team has been laid off at EALA.
LMNO was the codename for the “ultra-real” Spielberg game being worked on at the studio.
The fate of the game itself is unclear: we’ve been told that “almost everyone on the team has gone.”
The title’s has been in the works for several years (http://www.videogaming247.com/2008/03/04/the-little-birds-rumour-round-up-1/), and has included concepts like motion-capturing tear movements in an effort to induce “emotion” in the player.
Today’s talk emerged after EA said yesterday it was to lay off 6 percent of its overall workforce in the wake of Q2 losses (http://www.videogaming247.com/2008/10/30/ea-cuts-6-of-workforce-posts-quarterly-loss/).
More soon, hopefully.
EA: Spielberg’s LMNO still in production

October 31st, 2008 @ 14:18
http://www.videogaming247.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/lmno.jpg (http://www.videogaming247.com/2008/10/31/ea-spielbergs-lmno-still-in-production/13830/)
EA has just confirmed to VG247 that Steven Spielberg’s LMNO is still in production.
“Development of LMNO continues at EALA under the creative leadership of Doug Church (Creative Director) and Lou Castle (Executive Producer),” said the firm in a statement.
It was rumoured this morning (http://www.videogaming247.com/2008/10/31/rumour-spielberg-team-laid-off-at-eala/) that the majority of the team had been laid off in the wake of Q2 losses, announced yesterday.
EA made no comment on whether or not any developers working on the game had been made redundant.
LMNO is the codename for the second EA game signed up as a collaboration with Spielberg in 2007. The other title was codenamed PQRS at the time, and turned out to be BoomBlox.
The as yet unannounced game is thought to be an action project for 360 and PS3

I wonder if this has to do do with the economy and credit crunch definitely was looking foward to another Spielberg creation.

11-01-2008, 04:19
It's a given that one of the first industries to take a hit with the current credit crunch would be the gaming industry. As people have less and less disposable incomes, luxuries such as consoles and their games will be one of the businesses to feel a pinch. The fact BOTH EA and Sony have announced similar down falls in profit and significant is simply a sign of the times.

11-01-2008, 06:53
R&D are always one of the first cuts when the economy is bad, and then they try to survive with whatever is close to finish in the pipeline.