View Full Version : BO's 1st Map Pack

01-18-2011, 02:40

4 MP maps & 1 zombie pack. Looks live they've added a collapsible bridge as well as zip lines. That's pretty cool, but I won't be buying it unless they fix the connection problems.

01-18-2011, 02:45
The maps definitely look good, but I'm with you. They need to smooth out the experience beforehand, and I'm getting impatient.

01-18-2011, 15:11
Probably will try to gameshare it with friends, 15 is a bit too high. I'm not too keen on the auto-turrets, if they're too strong I'll probably never go through No Mans Land. Zip lines look cool but it'll probably get camped insanely by snipers and noobs.

01-18-2011, 15:43
a sniper map would be good, but the overall game is not holding me like the IW games, that was the same with me on WaW too. Theres just something missing to the gameplay, and I don't know what it is. I like the maps and how most of it is set up. and once again PS3 gets the month long shaft, what they should do it maybe have it be a little more money, but you get it at launch. But on the other hand, hopefully all the bugs and issues show up on M$ release of the pack, so they would have time to fix it for the ps3, I look at it as xbox gets to beta test for the ps3.

01-18-2011, 15:48
i'll get it the maps now are getting boring. why when josh olin talks, why do i hate him though? im getting tired of the exclusive map pack thing. so when does it come out for ps3 like a week later, cuz i need to make sure i got some psn money

01-18-2011, 16:22
Will trophies come with these? I will get them even if they dont but cod waw had xtra trophies.