View Full Version : Xbox Live Arcade Help

10-31-2006, 15:43
Hey if anyone knows a good deal about how things work on Xbox Live and the Arcade I'd appreciate some help. My buddy recently had a problem with his downloads and asked me, but I really know nothing so I figured I'd ask here since alot of you guys have some good insight on these things. So here's his post....

"My Xbox 360 died (red circle of death) and was replaced with a new one. Went in to Live arcade and was able to re-download all the games I had on the previous machine, but they only show up as trial versions for my daughter's gamestag and full ones for mine. Did I not do something correctly? I figured since we paid for them once I shouldn't have to re-pay for them on the second gamertag. At least it worked that way on the original downloads....

Any help would be appreciated! Needless to say, my daughter is somewhat irritated about all this."

If you guys could help that'd be great.
Thank you.