View Full Version : Help Please with SC:DA

06-11-2007, 08:16
The Ubi phone tech hotline told me to go to the Ubi.com forums cause he didnt know what to do...and my post has been up there for three or four days, and still no answer....So i decided to post it here

Me and my friend want to play DA for the PS3 on the same router going through the same Modem. I can join games and he can join games, but we cannot join games together, on VS and COOP it says that the host has disconected, while i am still in the room and other people are joining.

We can log on to PSN and R:FOM at the same time, and play in the same games on R:FOM, on that it is just like we are playing seperatly. This is just on DA that we cannot play the same games.

Also, while playing online with SC: DA, someone told me that i had to do something with the IP...???....like making it 255.255 or something...but i wasnt able to get all the info from them...

I checked the IP addresses of both and they are different. Well, they are exactly the same except the last number, but i think that it that way with all routers.

Hopefully someone on here will know what to do.

thanks in advanced!