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  1. haha yeh last year had loads of trilogys
  2. LOL! I hear you. As soon as I do everything in FFXIII-2 I'll take an RPG break and go for KZ3, R3 or BF3. So many 3s hah
  3. yeah probs the best idea lol, i'll do the same. Still have AC: revelations and halo anniversary to play yet. It's a hard life :P
  4. I know man! I'll wait til the price drops because I've got my hands full of games at the moment. I've got like 12 unplayed games now and lots more I want to finish. Most of them also have MP too ><
  5. tried out the Resi demo on the 3DS before my battery died lol and it is pretty kool! I think it captures the feel of a Resident Evil game pretty well, and i like the touch screen stuff
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