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  1. Sieg, how's Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3? It looks pretty good. Was thinking about buying it once it drops in price.
  2. Sieg...why?!

    So much fail in such a short trailer. Runs and plays just like an Unreal Engine powered DMC would run.

    P.S Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls is awesome.
  3. What?! Inafune is involved with the second Neptunia? That's pretty damn scary to be honest. Wow. I can only imagine what Nep 2 will be like. D=
  4. There isnt enough laughter in the world for this announcement: Kenji Inafune has some kinda tie in with Hyperdimension Neptunia mk 2.
  5. lol yeah. The character designs are generic military flavored nonsense. The game has a cover system, and honestly, I'm really surprised it doesn't have regenerating health. Did you hear you what Capcom said about Slant Six? Apparently Capcom say that Slant Six is the only Western Studio that "get's it" and all other western studio are crap. Then why the hell is Capcom trying so hard to copy them? lol
  6. I lol'd at the killzone looking guys, they arent even TRYING to hide what it is
  7. Yep! Asura's Wrath is the CC2 one. I admit, it's pretty damn ugly (Unreal Engine and all) but I have some hope for it. It seems to be a throw back to Capcoms PS2 days, hopefully.

    The character designs for Raccoon city are pretty hilarious in how bad they are.
  8. Asura's wrath is kinda ugly but looks like it might be fun, that's the one by CC2 right? It's a shame they arent using their awesome cel shaded engine for it.

    Last Rebellion is a bit weak but it's definitely nowhere near as bad as some of the stuff I've played this gen.
  9. lol yep. I own All the NIS game on that list (although I probably shouldn't have bought Last Rebellion at full price >_>).

    Man Dragon's Dogma needs alot of work. Like you said, it's pretty much Lost Planet 2 lol. Asura's Wrath is thankfully looking at least decent.
  10. lol I saw that, if nothing else it shows what a worthless metric metacritic is
  11. Take a gander at this list o fail.

    The guy who made this really needs to rename it "I hate JRPG's and NIS and so should everyone else."

  12. It doesnt look anything like breath of fire but Capcom might still just slap the breath of fire name on a western developed completely generic game :/
  13. Oh wow. That's super ultra mega generic. Yuck!

    From the sounds of it, Capcom is making their own version of Demon's Souls. At least it's not Breath of Fire. I'm getting seriously Elder Scrolls vibes from those screens.
  14. they found screenshots in the site
    looks incredibly generic and boring and western, I seriously hope they DONT put the Breath of Fire name on it
  15. Yeah. Honestly, the image does give off Breath of Fire vibes. Interestingly enough Geostar mentioned that there's a rumor floating around that this is an open world game, and that alone is enough to turn me away. Seriously, if this turns out to be another half assed western developed game by some C rate studio then, Capcom can **** off.
  16. if that's a western developed Breath of Fire I will rage
  17. I'm loving DW7. It's the best the Three Kingdom's DW's have been in ages. Adding Wei's successor Jin was something that should have been done ages ago and Conquest mode is freakin' huge and getting the plat. for this game is going to take a good 100+ hours. Not to mention the Shu, Wu, and Wei stories can take a good 10 hours to finish each. It's even gotten a few 8's from reviewer, well, except IGN who just threw a hissy fit and complained.

    Capcom also has this, whatever it might be.
  18. How are you enjoying DW7? I was sorely tempted to buy it but now they just released the first english trailer of Gundam Musou 3 so I'm seeing how long AT3 and Yakuza 4 last before buying more stuff
  19. Indeed. Capcom has really dug themselves into a hole with these Western developed games and I'm not certain they can get out of it at this point. Maybe at the TSG we'll finally see something worth while, although I have a feeling it would all be for PSP or NGP. I don't know why Capcom hasn't made a PS3 exclusive Monster Hunter, it's a sure fire seller and yet they continue to throw out garbage like Dark Void and Bionic Commando and the bargain bin bound DmC and the new TPS Resident Evil.

    Yep! Ar Tonelico is lots of fun. Plus it's super refreshing to see an old school JRPG, a breed of game that is a rarity these days. It's a shame that only Gust and a bunch of other small companies are the ones making old school JRPG's these days. I still need to finish it along with Rorona. Been caught up with DW7 lol.
  20. I think Inafune might have invested so heavily in western development that they cant pull out instantly or it'd be a black hole in their finances :/ They just had a major event and we'll see what horrors are planned next week. I'm with you though, I'm really hoping that by TGS they can get some kind of action plan to turn things around.

    I was pleased to see you playing Ar tonelico! Gust really became one of my favourites quickly, I dunno why more companies arent putting out games like that. I certainly wouldnt complain about a Breath of Fire made like that and I think it could do really well, but capcom seem obsessed with spending trillions on everything and needing 5 million sales
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