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  1. cool. thanks man
    I will return the rep when i can
  2. Hey man, don't worry about the joke

    I gave you +rep for that post.
  3. Sorry for the beard joke mate. All in good fun
  4. dead on mate thankz for asking. I am getting my 360 slim on friday and when i get my gamertag back i can redownload all my 84 games and addons and other stuff from my account
  5. I've been well claud3 and yourself?

    I got my hands on a few games this/last week; Crackdown 2, Transformers, Singularity & Cricket 2010 (I'm an Aussie lol)
  6. hello mate how are things this week been for you. Any new games
  7. . Well that is true. Well same here working my *** off. To get money to buy the 360 slim and also new games that are coming out soon
  8. Same old, work, psu and gaming

    Been watching the soccer when I should be working the past month I work for myself so it's a lot easier to get away with it.
  9. sweet mate thanks for asking and your self. What you up to these dayz
  10. Hey claud3 how's things?
  11. hello mate whats up.
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