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  1. Happy Birthday Omar!
  2. mynd, stop being a wuss puss and come back to the forums.
  3. lol about NZ women, did not realize you guys were traditional down there!

    Have not seen Spartacus yet. I thought 300 was cool but the ending was sorta stupid/BS and the whole SPARTA!!! thing got cheesy quick. It was entertaining nonetheless.

    I'm not a huge fan of these kind of movies either, in fact, I don't like action movies anymore. Not because it's not a good genre but because there hasn't been a true action movie since...what...diehard? Well, Matrix...but then I watch Matrix now and I think, "Wow, I thought this was badass back in the day?!" lol it seems cheesy now.

    Avatar was OK.
  4. Not a huge fan of this movie, althoug it did spawn Spartacus, which I am gratefull, for, mainly for knowing there are woman in New Zealand with low enough standards that they will get naked infront of the camera. It seems they all live in Auckland where it was filmed though
  5. 300-500 you get my point
  6. You are such a liar man, the movie's called 300, not 500.
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