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  1. Alright man. I go over to my friends house to play online but he just got a new router not that long ago and it is a piece of ****. Everything that I try to play I lag like crazy. Except for FPS which I could give a **** less about. I might pick it up though. My friend was playing MvC3 no prob online so I'm sure SF4 would have not problem.

    I'll be on the look out for your request.
  2. Glad you liked the sig. =)

    Yeah man,just needed some time to think... it's kinda weird, when I want to be alone that's when I get hit on the most...chicks are weird man (?_?).

    You should really give ssf4 another chance. Don't you see I wanna give you a piece of my chun li . j/k man, I'll still add you to my friends list.
  3. I've been doing alright, thanks for asking. Naw, I never got around to getting it. A friend of mine got it and I just played the hell out of it with him. I would have bought it but it just didn't suck me in like MvC2 did. So hows things your way? Haven't seen ya on in a while.

    BTW love the new sig.
  4. Hey man how are ya? Are you still playing Marvel vs capcom?
  5. Awesome! I'm also getting MVC3. I'll add you once I get my ps3 back. (my ps3 stopped reading the disks but it's getting fixed as I type this)
  6. No, I tried it out and just still can't get the Street Fighter 2 gameplay out of my head. It just doesn't feel right for some reason. I played a lot of old generation fighters and most these days just don't appeal like they used to. I'm most likely going to get MVC3 though. I absolutely love the 2nd installment and hoping I will like this one as well.

    Add me on PSN- lsutigers19. I can't play online because I have satellite internet but I will go to my friends house about every other weekend and play online. Put your PSU title on the request so I know who it is.
  7. Hey man, do you play super street fighter 4?
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