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  1. Thanks man.
  2. Its not stealing it. I just gave it to ya.
  3. You sure about that, man? It's your work, I don't want to steal it.
  4. Hey man, your free you use that skyrim sig if you want.
  5. No problem man.
  6. Hey man, thanks.
  7. You still a mod? Whats with the pink?
  8. No time like the present.
  9. Perhaps one of these days I'll attempt a signature for SoTW.
  10. Awesome. What games you like to play most?
  11. Whenever my man.
  12. Cheers man. When you gonna be up for some gaming?
  13. I'll accept it next time I get on bud.
  14. Xbl friend request sent.
  15. Thanks man. Appreciated.
  16. Happy birthday man!
  17. No problem man, any time.
  18. Looks good man. Thanks again.
  19. Looks good man. Thanks again.
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