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  1. Steve,

    That email address and password should definitely work. You should be able to change your password when you enter. When you've checked it let me know and then we'll communicate to there from now on, so keep an eye on it.

    Also, you may notice a change in the forums. I understand one of our mods is opening up access later on. Don't post anything in staff sections just at this minute as I want to formally introduce you to everyone via email as some people don't even know we have a new member coming on board.

    You may also see that you have access to the admin system at some point in the next 24 hours. Please don't touch anything in there just yet! I'll show you how to navigate etc..


  2. My email address is [email protected].
  3. Hey Steve,

    What's your usual email address? We're going to set a PSU email up so it forwards from that email?

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