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  1. No worries. I'd been annoying about it. Looks like I'm sticking with the 'ol SchaffinOSX.
  2. Ag just let it slip his mind.. he was going to pm you later.
  3. Is that so? Clearly he's a really active fellow. But alright, thanks for taking the time to look.
  4. there is someone with the name SCHAFF registered, so we can't change it man.
  5. Oh, yeah, I just remembered something completely irrelevant, but that I thought I'd bring up with you. I asked Agriel if I could have my username change to "Schaff". It's what everyone calls me around here, so I figure there shouldn't be much of a problem with he. He said he'd get in touch with you about it, and I haven't heard from him since. Would that be an acceptable change?
  6. thanks man... means a lot!
  7. Hey Cu. Just wanted to say that I don't think I've given you enough credit for the hard work you do around here as CM. To be honest, for the past couple of weeks I've kind of thought of you as a power-crazy guy, but I gladly admit I was wrong. I know I've been condescending in the past, albeit unintentionally, so I just wanted to take a moment to say I think you've done this place a great service. You outdo Dave, carocat, and Coma as a CM.

    I hope this won't be taken as brown-nosing, as that isn't my intention.
  8. Sorry for the dual PM. I got the "Service Unavailable" screen, so something must have gone wrong there.
  9. The staff and I have come to the conclusion that we're going to overthrow you if you don't make these changes.

  10. Thanks for listening, man.
  11. It's time to pink it up. (Thank you!)
  12. I was about to ask you about the database errors... then I read the others posts on your wall. This is awkward. Hello!
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