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  1. You're very adamant about that lol. I'll only take it when I earn it and I know I haven't earned that yet.
  2. No problem man. You're emerging as a great artist. I hope to see your name in purple someday.
  3. Appreciate the rep man.
  4. Cool man thanks for sayin hello. I think this semester will be pretty good.
  5. Glad to hear that, man. Started my spring semester a couple of weeks ago, as well. I'm doing pretty well. Just enjoying my girlfriend, my friends, and running around the forums as always haha. Just thought I'd drop by and say hello.
  6. I'm doing good thanks. Started my spring semester today, was good. How are you?
  7. How're you doing, pod?
  8. You're welcome! Some I didn't vote on because I don't know some members. Wouldn't be an honest vote that way.
  9. Thanks for participating in the awards, Pod. It seemed as though everyone who wanted to vote had already done so, and it's only the second day! Would have pretty anti-climactic, if you ask me. Thanks for the nomination, by the way.
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