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  1. Yeah? Alright man thanks for that. Cool. I'm gonna try and just work on my stamina a bit and I'll look more into it now that I've finished university. Thanks a lot man.
    Keep me updated with your progress - I'm very interested. Where have you moved to now anyway? You were last in Portsmouth, right?
  2. i think when they mean fitness it's general fitness because i mean im not exactly a bodybuilder or a fitness freak but i can do the stuff nd my coach never really had a problem with me not having the body and the looks because i could do everything asked of me... so as long as you can do that it should be fine, best bet is to just ring them and chat with them about stuff because that was what won me over and got me into it.
  3. Cool man. Would be great to see you if a good position with a top company one day Best of luck with it.

    Thanks man. Cool yeah I understand that. The thing that is stopping me right now is my fitness - do I have to go into it with a built physique already or would they allow me to develop that as I go.
    I remember you recommending me Justin Roberts' school of wrestling and they say that people should have a level of fitness before joining, so that's the part that's got me.
  4. ohh cool cool, yeah im still planning on following it up, its just rather difficult seeing as the company i trained with is like the other side of the country lol but when time allows me too i will, and i haven't really done well with the bulking up tbh not been getting enough time and lazyness is getting in the way of that :/ lol. and tips yeah got a few when u start the biggest thing is to not be intimidated by things sometimes the moves look vicious and like they really hurt but in actual fact they don't and be confident like if the coach u get asks for volunteers and such it'll look really good on u to step up but obviously only do that after you have learnt the basics which aren't too complicated.
  5. Not too bad man. I'm just waiting to graduate and working part-time. I'm trying to get into better shape. I remember you saying that you had to bulk up a bit. How is that going?
    Ah I see. Are you actually planning to still follow it up? I keep thinking about trying to follow it up, but I seriously need to put on muscle and get rid of some fat. I'm not mad fat but it's something. Got any tips?

    It would be a shame for you to give it up if you went that way, but in the end, you know what's going on and it's your choice.
  6. alright dude, hows things? ive decided to take a short break from it, i moved at the start of the year and havent really found anywhere local yet and im enjoying being healthy lol, not done it for around 6months now but yeah it was starting to effect my quite bad after doing it for a year with no breaks in between.
  7. Hey man.

    How's the wrestling training going?
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