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  1. haha you certainly sound like my kinda chick! you might wanna read it with a mobile device as the theme i'm using atm is messing up the order of the posts. i post pure nonsense sometimes so deal with it. my america diary and recent happenings worth mentioning are the most interesting parts of mah bloggins:

    you've been warned.

    PS: if you don't read the days of the america diary in the correct order, you may not understand some things i refer to in later days. so read 1-14 part 2 if u wanna. might seem like a long read but i only wrapped the most interesting facts into the posts so no one would fall asleep on their keyboard and goob all over their desk.
  2. I like offensive. Link me. NAO!!!!
  3. quite good. i'd link you my blog for you to find out more but it might be a bit offensive for women. just a real guys blog
  4. I am doing great and yourself?
  5. hey barrelsies. just wanted to stop by and see how you're doing.
  6. aww thanks! u 2
  7. Happy Birthday!!
  8. hai im in bahrain as you may know and please click my sig and read my latest post for some info and enjoy yourself until im back!! bai
  9. wow. gonna be offline. watch some tv and stuff, can't go outside i'm gonna die. sooo hot!
  10. I actually took a drive down to the pier and watched it from the dock. The lightning looks amazing over the water!
  11. i <3 sleeping/laying in bed when theres a thunder storm
  12. I am great. Had thunder and lightning here today but it was so beautiful!!
  13. hi i was at the swimming pool today, loads of fun but it was sooo hot! got some more tan but it was so tiring laying in the sun at that heat. so i was in teh water all the time
    how r u?
  14. probably taste good
  15. Because Harry Potter has consumed me!
  16. ghosts rule...i almost fell asleep reading first few pages of the first harry potter D
    why a nerd? reading is good...
  17. Noice.. I am watching a show about ghosties and reading the last installment of the Harry Potter series. I am such a nerd!
  18. lol i'm so bored, made an xbox-esque trophy card for my ps3 trophies
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