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  1. Happy birthday champ, have a good one
  2. hey mate! the legendary [DF.] Killzone clan is revived for KZ3! please join in case you're gonna buy KZ3, we're very active and just have loads of fun together!

    wanna join? i liked you for long timez & you're an aussie so yeah.
  3. oh ok admins are absent very often since our names turned yellow.
  4. Yeah I hope so, but he's been a bit snowed under with RL recently so may not have touched base with everyone yet. I certainly haven't heard from him for a while....... Although I have been absent for a bit myself, LOL!
  5. hm well he wouldve made a new one and told you tho? or coma? or seb? or whoever.
  6. Good question, haven't seen him in a while, his account may have been compromised by the hacker as while back?!?!
  7. hey bjp wheres reflex gone? cant find him on the forum leader page!
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