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  1. Haha, thanks! Fuck me, I'm an old bastard
  2. Happy Birthday! Will catch you on Twitter and FB too!

    (I don't stalk you)
  3. Was about to suggest that to you
  4. Sorry, Zoib. Left PS3 on. I can't get any games so I'm re-downloading it from the UK store to get the update.
  5. Heh, thanks. It wasn't much but I was proud of my handiwork
  6. I quite like mine.
  7. I think it's in my Photobucket account so no need.
  8. I have yours too if you need it
  9. Stupid google translate. it was "how old am I now?" to go on the end of your delightful welsh tune
  10. I'm Welsh and I don't even know that means...How old am I now is the closes I can get.
  11. Pa mor hen wyf yn awr?

  12. Penblwydd Happus i ti! Penblwydd happus i ti! Penblwydd happy i Zoibie. Penblwydd happus i ti!
  13. Happy Birthday dwd. <3
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