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  1. well thats a shame, you were good fun :\
  2. I don't get anything out from it.
  3. whyever not?
  4. I really have zero interest in that.
  5. come back dude, I miss you
  6. lol, I dont give a damn, keep it you scrounging fagballs
  7. Thanks for the loan, you'll get 5k back when I get it!
  8. meh, I got bored, its a rubish way of doing it.meh
  9. Tbh I really just wanted to get rid of the bold text but now they have.
  10. it doesnt do anything atm, just `displayne;`'s the background image. but it can do all javascript/css hacks. I dont really mind the current set up so I dont know what you want. you should probably make a thread in the suggestions area about it. might get ideas/designs and might even get actually implemented by the admins?
  11. You know, you could port it to Safari real easy using this:
  12. you want custom css, what browser? I've just made a simple thing (extension since I couldnt think/find a better way) for chrome, can do JS too
  13. meh, they're all as bad as each other.
  14. I'd say they are tons better then MS, Apple at least contributes to the community and pushes and invents open-standards.
  15. meh, they're slightly better than Microsoft, but only a little....
  16. Not an Apple fan? I really like Apple tbh.
  17. meh, its a pity about the corporation that runs it though
  18. OS X is everything that's great with Unix and the power of a really good UI!
  19. bah *trolls*
  20. Nah I use a Unix based OS but I use OS X. Have used Linux specifically Ubuntu before though for a period of time.
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