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  1. ohai thar miss monkey business boobs to you too
  2. Boo!!!
  3. they'd be where I was a few months ago
  4. Most definitely. Where would one be if they were all lonely and shizz?
  5. pretty win, thanks all about the lovelife eh
  6. Great. How about yourself?
  7. <3 how's it going miss BoM?
  8. Booo-urns!!
  9. sumertime, when the living is easy
  10. When is graduation??
  11. I might do, but after I graduate
  12. No it would be easier if you guys subbed again.
  13. heh would it not be easier just to not go in?
  14. I promise I will go in more often if you, Mali, and Val sub again.
  15. well that's yo own fault then isnt it! :P
  16. I am now!
  17. but you were never in there anyway :P and yeah I miss you too
  18. Fine well I miss you in there.
  19. I guess its lucky I dont miss you guys then
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