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  1. so yeah, I've found the easiest way is if you change your password and I'll do it through paypal.
  2. LOL! Then who am I to deny you the right.... <3
  3. I insist!
  4. I don't think I'm worth the sub though. I'd feel a little guilty by letting someone else pay for something I'm not willing to based on my reasoning for not wanting to pay... if that makes any sense at 4:35 am lol.
  5. well I'll sub you if you want?
  6. i wanted to, and if I hadn't said anything to vintage, I'd still be a sub. Mine ran out a while ago, and it never kicked me out for some reason, so i had vintage fix it. I don't wanna pay for what you get as a sub.
  7. need resubbing?
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