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  1. yo brahhh, it goes like the wind, basically just working and working lol, yourself?
  2. Hey man, hows it going?
  3. ahh rightyo, I dont blame you, RL comes first and this place isnt really worth the time I spend on it any more, other than keeping the ban thread open I dont really have anything keeping me here. lol
  4. I don't know yet. I'm only online today because it's my day off and I couldn't see Anna-Lily as she's away and, to be fair, haven't even been that active as I've been busy with other things. Who knows, I may or may not return in the future. For the meantime, however, no.
  5. yeah I respect that, was joking... so are you sticking round?
  6. No chance, dude. As stupid as it sounds, I have too much respect for this one. She's been through a lot and even though she broke up with me, I still hold that respect for her. Glad life is awesome for you, pal.
  7. life is awesome, jobs going real well, fuck all doing though XD and I'm sorry to hear about the silly girl what broke it off, can we have pics?
  8. Life's not too bad, man, not too bad at all. I had a special someone in my life who needed me to care for her but she broke it off. I was gutted but, fuck it, just another fish in the sea, ain't it? Still got my new job and new mates to keep me busy. Hell, I'm even duty manager now so, yeah, can't complain. How's life for you?
    I hope life's treatin yosef & hosef well.
  10. you know not a single one of us dislikes you in any serious way, and many of us enjoy and respect your company much more than you must be realising at the moment. I apologise for making it seem like I don't care for your feelings, because I do... I wish you luck mr Jaeger, and may the dawn find you well.
  11. and yet you get random girls on it?
  12. Haha, it's a personal Tumblr. Sorry, man.
  13. where's ur tumblr?
  14. all the homo you wish, big man
  15. Oh, right. In that case, much love to you. No homo, of course...
  16. not to carl, you silly sausage, I hate the guy..
  17. With all due respect, I can't be nice to someone who not only jumped in to try and get with Vixen as soon as he heard we broke up, but also prevented me from seeing my daughter for that weekend.
  18. indeed you do have a valid reason, he deserves your hate. but please, be a little nicer
  19. I don't hate Blacksite, ha. We have a love-hate friendship, yeah, but not actual hate. As you know, the only one I hate on here is Carl and I have a valid reason for hating him.
  20. fyi, I don't mind your rants about your life, but your 'hate' against people like Blacksite is not appreciated, else I might have resubbed you
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