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  1. happy birthday master-baker. have you broken into your presents yet?
  2. I hear you have more things to break congrats you dawg
  3. cant wait
  4. dont think im not going to try lol.
  5. I'm sure you'll be able to find something
  6. ha ha it looks like Mr B has upgraded the whole system a bit. i might not have anything to break.
  7. indeed lol, what you gonna break first?
  8. i have no idea who she is lol, just that she is gorgeous. thanks mate
  9. congrats on the reapointment

    also who's the gurl in your picture?
  10. indeed it is , and I'm watching you!
  11. lol, my plan is working splendidly.

    i dont actually know, just found it one day and thought it was hot.
  12. oh noes, if something breaks they're gonna blame me for encouraging you

    also, who be your userpic thing?
  13. challenge accepted
  14. sorry to see you go babe...though at least now we're safe (-er) from your unholy skill of breakage
  15. I wouldnt have expected anything less <3
  16. sorry i broke dem...
  17. break out the presents!
  18. what they said.

  19. ....including much breakages
  20. dude you know i was the first one to access the forum again yesterday... it was just me and seb online so i was pretty free to do whatever i wanted...
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