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  1. Alright so just in case you didn't notice The Black Wolf and MC quit the competition, so you and pod get to participate in the first round!
  2. Wherey'a at mate?
  3. Thanks man, just rediscovered smudging lol : D
  4. In flames and Tron sig look amazing bro. Whatever new style you're trying out - stick with it.
  5. Hey man, if you want you can put up #143 when you're ready. Was gonna do set-tutorial but havent had the time to dig some up - up to you though. Cheers.
  6. Hey man, give me a few minutes and I'll have a sig entry for ya. Cheers!
  7. Alright cool, thanks for informing me.
  8. Yeah, been extremely busy - juggling a job and law school, haven't had much time for design.
    I'll make an effort to contribute weekly.
  9. Heyy dude, you still alive? The DS needs you man. If you're busy with stuff just inform me.
  10. Happy b-day mang!
  11. Hey man, where ya been?
  12. Haha, awesome man SP coming your way
  13. Alrighty, and you get to choose the render all by yourself. Whatever you feel fits the theme.
  14. Sounds good, if you can, try and save it as a PNG-24. I'll look around for some renders, got any ideas on what mythical god/creature you wanna do?
  15. Well your lighting is amazing, and you have PS so I think the finishing touches should be yours. The annoying thing is that I have gimp so you need to work on the jpg. :/ If you can deal with that then I think this is settled. Wanna find me a good render to work on : )
  16. Sure I'll do a collab with ya. How you wanna do it?
  17. Hey could I get the original pic of your SOTW#111 sig? (the freestyle tutorial one).
    Need it for the October SOTM. Cheers mate!
  18. Thanks :3
  19. Just realised it was your birthday a few days ago...happy belated bday!
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