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  1. Thank you very much friend... I am hopeful that i will remember the next morning after my night before
  2. Happy birthday yo!
  3. yep it is a new attack skill i have, it is really painful
  4. Cock drop?
  5. Well you are lucky I am cool about this, because a cock drop was on the table
  6. That was my first step when I started stealing, buy protection.
  7. I know friend, I tried and failed to re-take my SP back and I assume you are a boob protected and ASS safety belt is in working order
  8. I'm protected, and hangout mainly in the kicking sub thread, where all the other cool cats can hang out and look at barely clothed boobs.
  9. Well you little shit, I know where you post and hangout lmao
  10. I'm a dark thief. I leave none!
  11. Well I assumed you would at least leave me some
  12. Thought it was more stealthy then that.
  13. well done and a successful steal from me friend
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