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  1. No Fergie won't allow that to happen.
  2. We can't let City run away with it!
  3. Yup, you'll be there all right. United have the best bounce back ability in the country.
  4. Congrats on the title. Make sure to enjoy it! Next season we'll take it back with a vengeance.
  5. It's ok! I knew you didn't mean it. Stuff gets heated and we all say stuff we don't mean.
  6. Sorry I said fuck you to you earlier. That was wrong of me.
  7. Yeah get round to it if you like that kind of story. Starts off a bit slow but it has lots to explain so I guess that's why, but it is brilliant.
  8. Yeah I've of course heard of them but I have not read them nor seen the movie adaptations. I probably should though.
  9. :O

    Swedish crime/thrillers. I read the first two on holiday in Rhodes. Amazingly good.
  10. No.
  11. Have you ever read The Millennium Trilogy?
  12. Great!
  13. Yeahh!! Just got home from work and picked it up. Cuguy is looking at it now.
  14. Did you get my PM about the poll?
  15. Haha no problemo!
  16. Got the Gary Neville testimonial program in the mail today, thanks again! It's awesome!
  17. Exciting times! Will probably take a few days.
  18. And it's on it's way! Just got back!
  19. Nice! Thanks again!
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