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  1. I know you are unlikely to read this, but if you do, let us know what you are up to. I have the same user name across different platforms (inc reddit) so I'm easy to find. All the best buddy.
  2. you said you disabled the side related content bar ? how ??? EDIT: no worries found it.
  3. Unfortunately not, wish there was though. Best be quick about it if it's a popular thread
  4. yeah thats how I did it, wasnt sure if there was a less cack handed way of doing it.
  5. You have move the thread and then you'll get the option, make sure you don't move it to some strange section and don't redirect it when you move it.
  6. mate, how do you change the title of the man united thread. im having issues changing my thread titles.
  7. Thanks! No such products before the iPad 2, money to put in that pile would be great though
  8. happy birthday mate. what over prices shiny thing with half eaten fruit on it are you going to get this year
  9. cheers man
  10. Happy B-day!
  11. Haha! Thanks You'll learn to hold your rage and sarcasm within you when you get older, or I should say you will learn to hold it and release a big pile of it at the right target, that's what I do
  12. wanted to rep you for managing to give a proper responce in the forum is dying thread. but i have to spread it. when the guy said about new posts, i nearly raaaaaaggggged. my responce would have been full of sarcasm and just rudeness.

    just letting you know
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