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  1. Sure man, what theme?
  2. Battle?

    It will be fun as you and I are the same skill level in designing.
  3. Yeah.
  4. Ha, well it's just a colour : D
  5. Ahh, hmmm. Maybe'll I'll just remain a DS in spirit.
  6. Yeah I think theres a thing that you can't be both at the same time? VB told me something like that once, I think you should ask him about it. Or maybe ask an admin or a mod? Can't really help you man, because I don't grant the purple colour, it's the admins who do it.
  7. Hey could get me back into the DS? I subbed up, and got kicked out for some reason.
  8. Oh also, when you send me the sig, send me the link itself.
  9. Awesome, I'll get mine done too. Mine should be done within the hour, so whenever your ready.
  10. Yeah sure why not, I'll PM it to you once I'm done.
  11. So you ready to do battle now? I say the theme be freestyle. For smudging you have to find the right thing to use.
  12. Yeah, thats cool. Just pick a theme. Smudge battle this time.
  13. Well sure, but let's first see what happens in my battle against VB
  14. You want to do a battle? The loser has to wear this sig...
  15. Ahh sorry, I thought we were gonna use the same render but then I realised this was freestyle. Nevermind
  16. Alright whatever suits you. Wanna PM me the render?
  17. Does not have to be smudging.

    Just freestyle it this time. For a smudging contest we'll need a more precise theme.
  18. Ha, sure but if it's gotta be smudging I'm raped But I love challenges, so let's do it!
  19. So you up for a battle? I found this awesome render I want to use.
  20. No problem.

    Maybe we'll do a smudge sig battle soon.
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