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  1. I'll try and get it tomorrow, if not then the day after that.
  2. Sounds good.

    How long you think you'll take?
  3. Just overall. Maybe no motorsports, but ya know, football and shiz.
  4. Never done a sports theme.

    What kind of sports?
  5. Ha, we'll how about sports as a theme?
  6. Hmm...

    Theme..not sure, whats good for you?

    Rules..500x160 good?
  7. Why not ; ) I kinda need to warn ya though, pretty busy right now so it might take a couple days to get the sig done if I have stuff to do. Theme? Rules?
  8. I intend too.

    Want to battle?
  9. Good to hear, the DS is on the lookout so stay active ; )
  10. Sweet.

    I'm getting ready for some major sig making.
  11. Dafont, but I rarely use text in my sigs so... yeah : D
  12. Where do you get your fonts from?
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