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  1. Alright so just in case you didn't notice The Black Wolf and MC quit the competition, so you and C get to participate in the first round!
  2. Alright man, just PM me what you need help with and I'll try and help you as well as I could. I'm leaving for a week tomorrow though, so I'll have time to answer tomorrow but not for a week after that though :/
  3. Well I use photoshop but I'm not having problems with the program itself just the sig so I don't think that should matter.
  4. Yeh sure man, what do you need help with? Also do you use GIMP, because I do not use photoshop.
  5. Hey spy can I ask for some advice? I've been trying to do this sig but I'm having some trouble with a few things.
  6. Well I don't want people hard work to go to waste by not using it. I still have to figure out the kind of sig I want for myself. Haven't figured out what to make though.
  7. Oh yeah, I remember! Why you using it though, you make amazing sigs yourself
  8. Cc made that one for me a while ago. I have others people have made. I was going to make one for myself but decided to use his.
  9. Yoo man, I dunno why but your sig seems very familiar?
  10. Just with my internet connection. I fixed it temporarily but it runs like shit so I'll have to do a little more construction before I'll get it working properly.
  11. Thanks for the rep. Hope your laptop is fixed soon. Were you the one having problems with it before?
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