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  1. thanks man, i will download it when i'm on the other pc

    There is all the stuff I have right now.
  3. yeh I couldn't come up with anythin lol, i stopped after about 4 hours. I made one but didnt think it was good enough but I'll try again next week!
  4. lol

    Looks like you get it done in time. Theres always next week though.
  5. *runs up stairs* wooooo!!

    I think I've got the background sorted but it doesnt suit my render lol gonna have to find a different one
  6. *cue Rocky theme song*
  7. I do love being on the poll. I feel like Rocky coming back to fight Ivan Drago in Rocky IV and I need a montage of photoshop training.
  8. You've got 7 hours. I hope to see you on the poll.
  9. Lol time to let the creative juices flow
  10. Thats all I use for my sig making.

    So now you have no excuses.
  11. Shweeet!
  12. Yeah, a lot has changed.

    Somethings better then others.
  13. been ages since i was last on here lol it seems so different :0
  14. Duuude! Your back!
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