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  1. Happy Birthday King!
  2. Many thanks my friend.
  3. LOL, who said anything about stealing?! You did steal it!

    thanks man.
  4. Why? I didn't steal it!! omg you're accusing me?

    lolz.. yeah later.
  5. Would you mind sending me the PSD. for your amazing SOTW entry?
  6. Hey man, you have a PSD for that Killzone sig you made blacksite?
  7. Just picked up Black ops for my 360. Hope you guys were right about the offline bots.
  8. Yeah no probs.
  9. Awesome man, thanks!

    4000sp +rep on the way.

  10. Das cool man. I'm not in a hurry.

    Just wondering if you could whip up some kickass avatars.

    Mainly, Call of Duty: Black ops...InFamous2...and killzone 3.

    I'll pay 3000 for the lot.
  11. Gym then PS3.. maybe later at night lol.
  12. Hey man, you up for some design shiz?
  13. I'll make one, and add the sigs that I have with me.

    Then add the others later.
  14. Make it. NOW!
  15. Awesome!

    Yeah, I got to make a thread sometime with all my more recent work. Within the last two months I've made probably like 30.
  16. Alright lol. I'll see which ones I can dig up.
  17. Thanks man.

    And yeah, I've been studying that thing like a ****ing school book. Anymore you can send my way would be awesome.
  18. Oh wow. I'm impressed. No really lol.

    That is awesome. One of your best, if not the best. Looks like you've been training well off the Ezio Sig psd
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