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  1. Happy birthday man!
  2. I looked around to no avail. I remember it being far easier to find. But no luck.
  3. If you look around you should be able to find a link for Topaz if you really want it though.
  4. Love smart sharpen.

    But alright, just thought I'd ask.
  5. Funnily enough I haven't used Topaz for ages, and not on my current avatar, I just find quality pictures, shrink them and do a Smart Sharpen.
  6. Do you have a link for topaz? It looked like you use it in all of your avatars.
  7. Nvm man. The project was due that day.
  8. What's up?
  9. Hey I need your help with something real fast! Do you still design?
  10. Damn, guess it makes sense, but usually I thought it was only if the person was gone for a long time.
  11. I probably got removed cause I've slacked so much.
  12. What happened to you're SMC status?
  13. huh?
  14. Why on SMC?
  15. Do you have any tutorials that you've made?
  16. Damn, that sucks man, hope you get better. Flu totally sucks, specially when you have it.

    Get better man.
  17. Currently dying of Flu, other than that all is as normal. Same **** different day.
  18. Whats going on Xelis!

    Long time no see.
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