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  1. yeah we need to...ill sink in as many hours as i can on BF3 (i dont mind the respawn since the game actually requires squad/team work to complete objectives) before counter strike GO releases next year. as for socom, hopefully we here something about a socom legacy next year(since Zipper will be working on MAG 2.0)...

    do i already have you on my friend list?
  2. I might get this at launch, depends on some other priorities I need to take care of first. Hopefully we'll play together at launch. I have a friend who's also interested, he's a SOCOM vet.
  3. i love it! the guns feel right, team work is on point when you have a good team/squad. the map glitches are annoying tho, hopefully they get ironed out. cant wait for the final game to see all the changes they made.
  4. What are your impressions about the BF3 beta?
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